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Enable 1Password in Safari 4 beta

Apple just released a beta version of Safari 4 with lots of new features. Users of 1Password might notice that it doesn’t work in the new version. To fix this, close Safari and 1Password and edit the following file:


Find the Key named Safari and look for MaxBundleVersion underneath. You will see 5528.1 as the maximum version. Change that to 5528.16, save and quit. Now you can reenable Safari from the 1Password preferences and then start Safari 4 and add the button to the toolbar. Voila!

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  1. We’ve actually just released 1Password 2.9.9 Beta 10 which adds support for the Safari 4 beta.

    You can get this update by selecting Check for Updates on the 1Password menu of the main 1Password application as shown here:

    In order to get beta updates you’ll need to make sure that the “Include beta versions” option is enabled on the Updates preference pane in the main 1Password application preferences as shown here:


    Carl S.
    Chief Evangelist
    Agile Web Solutions

  2. Thanks for the quick fix. I thought I was going to have to pass on Safari Beta 4 because I’d rather do with `Password than do without. Today’s my birthday and this is the best present I’ve gotten. Awesome.