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Full Circle Magazine issue 4 – not only new content

The Ubuntu-centric magazine Full Circle Magazine released their fourth issue earlier this week. Of course there is lots of new interesting content as usual, but this time there is another thing to take note of.

The format of the magazine has wandered away from the regular A4/letter format and uses a format perfect for on-screen reading. This is some serious thinking outside the box, and makes for some interesting design opportunities, and constraints.


Great work as always!

Edit: Ops, I accidentally wrote the wrong issue number.

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  1. [quote comment="43695"]This is issue 4 of Full Circle. I think you may be confusing it with the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, which is at number 54

    These are two separate projects, although both are looked after by members of the marketing team.[/quote]
    Oh, thanks! I accidentally wrote 54 instead of 4. It’s nice to know that at least some people are focused even on weekends.

    [quote comment="43696"]But the format is nothing new. The german Linux magazine “freiesMagazin uses this format since a couple of months :)
    I wasn’t aware of that magazine, but it looks really good. My German skills are not as good as they used to be, but a quick glance left me very positive with its layout.