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How to cancel your subscription

I recently got the offer to try out Audible. They have a huge library with audiobooks of all kinds with great quality and an enjoyable experience. That is until you want to cancel your account.

At the beginning, there is in fact a cancel link available, which of course makes users feel at ease with the service. After a while however, the link disappears and cancelling the account becomes practically impossible without spending an enormous amount of time on the phone talking to the customer support. I did email the customer support about this a while ago, but still haven’t received a response.

I really liked their audiobook service but after pulling this stunt, I just can’t stick around anymore until they remove this redicilous “feature”.

So, you might ask: Is there an easy way to cancel my account? Yes, there is! Just make sure that you are logged in to your Audible account and then click the following link, answer some questions, and presto!

[Cancel Audible account]

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  1. Sorry, this trick doesn’t work. Just tried it. The sneaky bastages must’ve figured out a way to break this so you have to call and get the hard sell. It really sucks because I have very little free time and way hoping to cancel painlessly, as I have a few times over the past several years. This really stinks. I doubt I’ll be going back to Audible ever again because of this “AOL” style BS. Here is what the link gives you after selecting a reason for cancellation: “We’re sorry, but there seems to be a technical issue preventing us from completing this process. If you have questions or concerns, please contact customer service.”

  2. Yup, they “fixed” it..

    “We're sorry, but there seems to be a technical issue preventing us from completing this process. If you have questions or concerns, please contact customer service.”

    I think I'll just have to remove my account information, and if I can't do that, start issuing chargebacks..

  3. Thanks heaps for this – I'm an international customer and was dreading having to sit on hold to get my membership canceled.

    Bad form Audible for removing the cancel link in the first place!

  4. I tried to cancel my membership using this link but got the “technical issue” message, so I called them. Of course they didn’t want to loose a recurring-revenue paying customer so they offered to put my account on “hiatus” for 3 months. I wont get monthly audible credits (or charges to my credit card) but I still get the discounts on book purchases. So I’m going to try this and then probably cancel completely in November. Just thought I’d pass this info on so people know what to expect when they call audible to cancel. Audible should just put this info on their website and let people decide for themselves at that time.

  5. Thanks… it didn’t work for my so I rang from Thailand was put on hold ( ggrrr) foran Amazon company it is the lowest cheapest scam and I told the poor operator that the product is ok but this!!!! Poor guy must get so many irate customers and the company is just sitting with that …how pathetic

  6. Worked for me. Thanks a lot.
    I had previously put my account on hiatus, and had forgotten about it until I noticed that they charged my credit card again. They send no re-activation notification, and they hide the cancellation link. Classy move.

  7. Thanks a lot for the post. My cancel link had been removed from the account page, and I was due for the renewal tomorrow. You saved me 15 bucks!

  8. Thank you very much for the link to Audible’s cancel site. I had to pick “I’d rather not say” in order to get to cancel online and not have to call the 800 number.

  9. I tried this and at first I thought it was going to work. I answered the question and up pops this: We’re sorry, but there seems to be a technical issue preventing us from completing this process. If you have questions or concerns, please contact customer service.

    They didn’t even provide the phone number. Figures. I tried every response too. Guess I”m calling tomorrow. Before this I would have said Audible was great (I’ve been with them a year) but now I’ll not sign up with them again even when my finances turn around again.

  10. Too late, I called and hated every second of it. It went pretty smoothly though. They did offer to put my account on hold for three months…umm, how about, NO. Thanks for the link and I hope it works for other people.

  11. According to a link in their FAQs people who have cancelled their audible accounts online can’t do so again. I cancelled mine once when out of the country for several months and rejoined it but now when I try to cancel it again I guess I have to call…

  12. (from Botswana) Thanks for providing this help. Unfortunately I get the following error message after trying the various reasons for canceling:

    “Time Out Error
    You reached this page because of a time out error, most likely because your session timed out or due to a system error.
    Click here to return to the homepage.
    If you would like to report this error, please click here.
    If this problem persists, please contact customer support by visiting our Help Center.”

  13. Thank you so much for the link. It worked just fine for me. Perhaps they have improved the process.

  14. I wasn’t able to get the link to work either, So I called in to cancel and found out why it was removed. The first time I cancelled using the link on the account page I was given a 20$ gift coupon. After receiving the coupon I was taken to the error page, but decided I would spend the 20$ first then cancel. Well needless to say after receiving the coupon the link was removed deliberatly, and I was told this on the phone. This is also why the link doesn’t work. It would seem some accounts without links are actually marked not to be deleted without calling in, presumably to slow people down in thier attempts to cancel.

    On a side note: I was not offered to have my account temporarily suspended, but was instead promptly cancelled. Although after the earfull this poor fellow received, sitting in India or some such place, did not want to further the conversation any longer. I was assured that they are working on a new website and it will likely have the link where it should be.

    PS: Time to send in a comment, and so should everyone else visiting this website weather or not this link provided here worked for you!

    • Mark, that was a very stupid comments on “India or some place else”. Here’s why:

      1. Just in case you didn’t notice the author of this post is probably an indian too (I can sense it from the title).

      2. The time I called Audible from India it actually landed in US or some place like that.

      Funny, isn’t it Mark?

    • Mark, that was a very stupid comments on “India or some place else”. Here’s why:

      1. Just in case you didn’t notice the author of this post is probably an indian too (I can sense it from the title).

      2. The time I called Audible from India it actually landed in US or some place like that.

      Funny, isn’t it?

    • Mark, that was a very stupid comment on “India or some place else”. Here’s why:

      1. Just in case you didn’t notice the author of this post is probably an indian too (I can sense it from the title).

      2. The time I called Audible from India it actually landed in US or some place like that.

      Funny, isn’t it?

  15. They have actually improved this. If you search for “cancel membership” in their support database they give you several ways of canceling. And yes, don’t get fooled by the free credit. Just keep continuing until you cancel unless you want the headache of having to call.

  16. Hi,
    I am wanting to download a few audiobooks from the audible website, but…
    1) i am only going to use it ONCE and only this month
    2) i am in south africa and very very worried about not being able to cancel the membership once i have finished with my downloads

    any suggestions?? other websites without memberships maybe?
    what is the latest on being able to cancel memberships without phoning?


  17. It looks like the two Audible credits that I have already purchased will go away if I cancel. Is this legal? I’d like to still use them or be refunded. Has anyone had an experience with this?

  18. The link I just used to cancel is below, worked just fine using the drop-box option for “I’D RATHER NOT GIVE A REASON WHY”. They give you a couple chances to change your mind, offering a lower monthly price, but after a couple screens of verifying that you do indeed wish to cancel your membership and not take advantage of additional savings they give a cancellation confirmation number.

  19. The original posted link didn’t work for me either. I wonder if the error depends on the browser we are using? Anyway, the suggestion to search the site for “cancel” worked for me. It probably brought up the address Sam posted, but I didn’t notice. I selected “I’d rather not give a reason” and just kept hitting the continue cancelling button. Seems to have worked. Thanks everyone!!

  20. I was able to cancel.

    Just continue clicking cancel, page after page, leaving everything default, until it finally cancels.

    If you select a reason for cancelling, from the drop down, then it directs you to a page showing the custom care phone numbers.

  21. is a lier.
    It offered me a free download of a audiobook that I’d really like to listen. So I signed up for trial Gold membership. But then, even after signing up, the book is only available at a discounted price, not for FREE, which is what was initially offered.

    This is what I consider a bad practice, trying to trick people and waste their time. I’d never do business with these guys. Will go back to my trusted Amazon.

  22. Thanks for the info guys, though I was actually going to have to call…
    Just selecting ‘Rather not give a reason’ did the trick. Surprised that in this day and age a company can survive with these tactics. I’m going to support ripping audiobooks from this site for sure.
    Greets to Screw you too.

  23. yes only the “i’d rather not give a reason” works. i clicked on the other reasons before and its just directed me to the “contact us” page.

    So fuckin sneaky. i actually got quite pissed in the end

  24. NOPE… didn’t work. I tried in two different browsers, of course after logging into my account. And I’m in the U.S.

    I got the following Apache web message:

    HTTP Status 404 – /adbl/site/alcancel/everest_trial/adblALCancelRsn.jsp

    type Status report

    message /adbl/site/alcancel/everest_trial/adblALCancelRsn.jsp

    description The requested resource (/adbl/site/alcancel/everest_trial/adblALCancelRsn.jsp) is not available.
    Apache Tomcat/5.5.28-1

    • It seems that the link has stopped working. But from looking at the comments, it seems that “i’d rather not give a reason” works as expected now. Try using Sam’s link here in the comments if you can’t find it.

  25. I was successfully able to cancel by doing these steps:

    1. Login
    2. Choose “Account Details”
    3. Click on “Change Membership” ( this is on the upper-right part of the page, it is below your cart in the gray strip)
    4. This takes you to a page where you can choose 4 new options for buying audio books, scroll down below these options and you will see a small link in blue that says “Cancel Subscription” – Click on that and follow the directions.

    Good luck!

  26. Well, I’m more than a bit irritated that we never signed up for, but Amazon created an account over there AND ALL our credit card info is on the account also. Thinking this is the way of the new world. Not happy!!

  27. boy was i cranky with audible – it is impossible to navigate through their cancellation site – i wanted to stop them automatically deducting money from my acccount every month. It was very difficult!!! – Like others i had to phone from overseas to ensure that i could cancel. Buying from them has just caused me a headache. I would not recommend giving your account details to them at all! Is this an upmarket scam??

  28. Just like Stephen said go to Change Membership under Account Details and click cancel membership. If you add “I’d Rather Not Give A Reason” under Reason for Cancellation they will offer you a $20 gift, take the gift, get a free audiobook and than cancel right after you’ve downloaded your free book. Serves them right for making it so hard to find the cancel page.

  29. its allot easier than thi just go into my account details chose upadte my info, in that window is a cancel my subscription link follow it

  30. I just looked. Cancel button is gone. Under “Help” I found an FAQ. Under “How do I cancel my account there are 2 options. 1 is call 2 is email. I didn’t think audible would do this.

  31. all you gotta do is log into your account, click on account details, click on change membership and you will see cancel membership at the bottom of the page. if you want to keep your free credit, you have to download it before you cancel or it will disappear.

  32. I tried the Amazon Audible books recently which is great. But when it comes to cancel it, I am having a hard time. They don’t make it easy to cancel it before expiration of your trial period. I have sent them an email to cancel my account before expiration of trial period. I even chated with them on line for cancellation. I was given a number to call. So far I am not getting any straight answer. I will keep trying before monthly charges kick in.

  33. Hahahaha, the cancellation process is hilarious;

    “Stay with us, and you get 50% of your next three months of membership!”
    “Continue cancelling”
    “We also have a service for people who use the service less! Only $9.95 for a whole year?”
    “Continue cancelling”
    “And if there’s anything you don’t like call customer service, please call….. Please…. Don’t go.”
    “Finish cancelling.”

  34. I subscribed to in June 2011 for a trial run. Of course they didn’t let me know when they initiated monthly billing. Fine. They also didn’t let me know when they raised the price from 11.99 to 14.99. OK, whatever.

    Realizing the service itself is crap, however nice the web design, I finally got around to cancelling in November. I ran into the same issue others experienced when I tried to cancel online — it doesn’t actually do anything, except for give you fine print instructing you to call to _really_ cancel. So I called and really cancelled. I even got a confirmation email from “Chris P” stating that “At your request, I have canceled your AudibleListener® membership.”

    This was untrue however — I discovered a few days ago that they had not cancelled the account and were continuing to bill me. I called and once again asked to cancel the account, pointing out that I had already done so. They apologized perfunctorily and reluctantly and said “there was an error with your cancellation. sorry”. I have no doubt that the “error” was intentional. They appear to have finally cancelled my account. They claim they will credit my account any charges incurred since I attempted to cancel the first time, but I am not holding my breath. I will be checking and double -checking that the account has actually been cancelled, and that my card is not billed, for months into the future.

    This business is a scam operation — if you have already been hooked, you need to invest the time to extricate their tentacles from your bank account.

  35. Not sure why all of you are getting worked up over a company that makes you jump through hoops in an attempt to keep you. They all do it. And I would say that if you like the price and service, who really cares how hard the cancel button is to find?

    If you were taking a chick out on a date, are you going to mount a “take me home now” button in front of her and give her an easy out at any moment. Hell no. You’re going to make her have to get uncomfortable and explain why she wants to leave. And if for no other reason, but to find out what you might have done wrong.

    Just my thoughts. I really like the service, but am getting too many books that I have not listenened to yet and wanted to see what I can do in order to slow them down and not keep buying credits.

  36. It was easy to cancel. Just do what michael said above. I will repost it here:

    all you gotta do is log into your account, click on account details, click on change membership and you will see cancel membership at the bottom of the page. if you want to keep your free credit, you have to download it before you cancel or it will disappear.

  37. I recently heard that if you deactivate your account and lose credits that they will be there when you reactivate it again. Also, any books purchased will be there for you forever for you to log into whenever you want them. I recently got a few books ahead of myself and talked to them on the phone to stop having to purchase more credits yet have access to my stuff. That’s when I was told that I would lose credits and they’d come back when I returned as a paying customer. It was no hassle for me and I understand the policy.

  38. Simple way to cancel:
    1 – log in
    2 – click on ‘my account in the top right corner
    3 – click ‘change my membership’ which will be in a green bar underneath ‘My Account’ in orange writing.
    4 – at the bottom of the following screen, a green hyperlink in the bottom left, underneath the ‘1 book monthly membership’, will be called ‘End my membership plan’.
    5 – you will be required to go through a few steps of pressing okay until you are required to give a rating and reason as to why you have cancelled your membership, and it cannot be submitted without completing this. *NB the reason doesn’t have to be real;.

    Very clever in my opinion as the ‘My account’ (3) and ‘End my membership plan’ (4) hyperlinks are difficult to notice which makes this process so hard.


    This link is from the website highlighting this process with images:

  39. I wasn’t planning on canceling my account but after reading this i tried to and found you were right i couldn’t believe it i have sent an email to there customer care to complain and to tell them to cancel my account and if i don’t hear from them in 2 days i will call them thank you so much for writing this review if you hadn’t i wouldn’t of even given it a second thought.

  40. Thank you so much for this site – you saved me (I think). Here is my experience. What they are doing is turning poor usability to evil. They are purposely designing a confusing set of pages to prevent you from canceling.

    Login and click Account Details, then Change My Membership.
    Hidden away in the bottom left of the next page is a tiny cancel link. Click it.
    Hidden away at the bottom of another very cluttered page is where you select a reason for quitting – chose, “I’d rather not say”
    Then you have an additional three or four pages, all cluttered with distracting garbage where you have to click a “Continue cancellation” button – repeat this for many pages.
    Finally, you reach a screen with a button “Finish cancellation.”

    I’m tempted to quit Amazon overall after this experience.

  41. I wasn’t able to find the link through their website on my account and the link above did not work for me. I had to call them to cancel. This turned out to be a painless process. I got a live person in well under a minute and they were very friendly and helpful. I was happy with the service and I will probably continue to buy one off audible books from them, I just didn’t want to be locked into $15/month.

  42. called number. told him i am leaving for meditation retreat for 3 years (not for a while)… they can only hold account for 3 months, so tell them at least 4 months away from internet !!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Just canceled using the “I’d Rather Not Give A Reason” feature … offered 50% off for three months to stay … then offered the “Lite service” for only $9.95 a year. Still, I was able to cancel. Now to see if it sticks. I will be monitoring my credit card.

    Thanks for this webpage!

  44. Wow. Guys thank you so much for reviews. If I did not have my SMART WIFE who made me to read your review I would probably be in same situation. Thank you for existing !!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S.I was so close to sign up.

  45. I forgot that I had signed up for Audible (my spouse checks the credit card bills and didn’t realize that I wasn’t using the Audible membership. I was reminded by an email from Audible that my credit card was no longer valid! Meanwhile I had paid for 13 months at $14.95 per month and there were only SIX credits there! All the rest of the credits I had paid for were gone! I think this is just outrageous. I wouldn’t mind just downloading 13 books (even if a LOT of them cost less than $14.95) and calling it even, but I can’t even do that. I feel very cheated by AMAZON (remember that they own Audible) which breaks my heart because I have LOVED Amazon and spend ridiculous amounts of money on Amazon. But I’m going to shop elsewhere now that Amazon is acting like a scam company.

  46. I signed up on Audible to get the book for discounted price and after few weeks I tried to cancel my membership but it didn’t work online. I sent them an email and told them that I want to cancel my membership but I can’t do it online and I asked them to cancel it instead of me which they really did. Thank God they know what kind of disaster it would cause to Amazon if they do scam.

  47. I don’t want to hear anything form Audible anymore. Literally.

    As it happened to lots of people here, Audible was deducting money from my credit card every month and I only (luckily pretty soon though), realised it when they sent me messages stating that they were having problems with my card.

    I’d like to thank everybody here for the help you gave by posting links and giving advice.
    I can confirm that the following link:

    which was posted pretty long ago is still working. Keeping fingers crossed, I expect this excruciating process has come to an end.
    I would like to remind everybody to choose “I’d Rather Not Give A Reason” option, even if you would like to comment or tell any harsh word to them… which would be well deserved, given the way they behave :-D

    I deeply despise this way of making money by cheating people. I’ll just wait and see if the cancellation process has REALLY come to success; up to then I keep holding my breath.

  48. i sign up for Audible, they give me 2 free credit. After that, I cancel my credit card, they fail to charge, and the 2 free book disappear from my library, it wasn’t even 1 weeks! I saw the book under refund $0.00. I didn’t even receive my 2 credit back. Audible SUCKS!

  49. I started a free audible account with a free credit for a book. I had every intention of cancelling the account after using my first book to not be billed for the monthly gold plan charge. I like the service but don’t use it enough to really wanna be billed a15$ monthly fee. Since it’s like impossible to cancel membership without calling on the phone. He have me a deal where I only pay 7 bucks for 3 months and will get 3 book download. Decided to take it instead of cancelling cuz it seemed like a decent deal. Just Incase anybody might wanna know.

  50. none of these methods work anymore
    god damn thieves
    i cant cancel with the link or the other methods
    i will try again in a day or two
    or i am gana tell the bank to block them

  51. It sucks. I’ve been trying to cancel my membership and they don’t really cancel. All of the links that you’ve been giving me are not working anymore. I was in overseas and I didn’t have time to check my bank transactions and just now when i saw that, I was like WTF!! I’ve been trying to cancel it ever since. Still not working though!! Please help!!!

  52. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that,
    I was not in any memberships. My membership status says “not enrolled” yet I have to pay $14.95. I live in Singapore and I have to pay S$19.75 every month!
    How can I stop paying it?? Please help me!