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Be a Linux road-warrior

So your laptop is running Linux? Great! Are you a road-warrior, constantly connecting to different networks? If you do, wouldn’t it be a great not having to reconfigure the network settings each time you switch networks? Network manager will come to the rescue!

Use your favorite way of installing packages and get network-manager-gnome installed. You may need to restart your session, but then you should get the following applet in your dock.


The possibility to connect to wireless networks using WPA works seamlessly, and the following dialog displays the manual network setup. It has the possibility to use unencrypted, WEP, WPA personal and enterprise and finally WPA2 personal or enterprise.


That’s it. This will hopefully let you manage the networks on your laptop in a very easy way. There are of course some bugs in the network manager, but it works fairly well now and it’s being constantly developed.