Project 365 – A year in photos

New Year came and went fast this year. I do not any resolutions, but this year will be a little bit different. I have decided to take upon me the task of following Project 365 – and I have already started.

For those of you in the dark, Project 365 is a project where one would take a picture every day for a whole year. The theme can be varying, many take self-portraits, others follow a specific theme. I will however not follow any specific theme throughout the year, but taking a preferably defining picture of the particular day and from time to time have small projects and themes within the project.

Since winters in Sweden are cold and dark, many photos in the beginning will be indoors, but I will of course bring the camera outside every chance I get.

My goals for this project is to try out new things, and improve on old, in the end hopefully leading to becoming a better photographer. I would love to do lots of portraits and learn to use my two SB-600 flashes more accurately.

I thought about where to upload my pictures on the web. The natural place would of course be this very site, but since there are better places to upload photos to on the internet, I decided to go with Flickr. Since starting to use Flickr every day, I have grown more and more fond of it too. I even got a Pro account a couple of days ago to be able to use the site entirely.

The set for this project is called Project 365 – 2010 and will be updated (hopefully) every day. Even though I take a picture every day, there will probably be days when I won’t upload a picture to Flickr. Since I make up my own rules, I say that it is okay to batch upload pictures after the fact.

If you too decide to take part of this great project, have a look at the Project 365 Flickr Pool to see what other people are up to.

You should be able to see the set in the slideshow below.

My new Sigma 70-200/2.8 lens

sigma_70-200I just bought a used Sigma 70-200/2.8 lens, which I got a good deal on. Even though I would like having the Nikon 70-200/2.8 with Vibration Reduction, I just can’t justify the cost right now.

The build quality is just fine, with nothing special to complain about. Except the lens hood that is. Maybe it’s just this sample, but it doesn’t seem to line up properly. (perhaps I got the wrong hood for the lens?)

I wanted to see how how the bokeh looked, so the first images taken are just a quick check of the bokeh quality. More will come later, as soon as I have time to do a photowalk in Stockholm again.

Issues with the MB-D80 battery grip for Nikon D90

I have the battery grip called MB-D80 for my Nikon D90, but I have been having some problems with it. When I plug the battery grip in the camera and insert a battery, the camera dies from time to time, and the camera reports bogus battery charge information.

It seems that the batteries in the grip are not inserted all the way, so adding a piece of cardboard or other type of paper behind the hatch made all the difference! Now it works perfectly and the battery charge information is correctly displayed all the time.

Strange dust in the Nikon 85mm/1.8 lens

Last Saturday I bought a Nikon 85mm/1.8 lens to use for portraits and for general photography. A strange thing happened though — after trying out the lens for a few minutes, I became aware of a small dust particle on the inside of the glass! It actually looked like a black piece of plastic had been dislodged from the barrel somehow and ended up on the lens.

These things happen I guess, so I returned it and got another one. At home, I once again unpacked it and inspected it thoroughly as usual. Lo and behold, this lens had the same problem as the other one — dust inside the glass! They had no more 85mm lenses in stock either, but I am glad for the refund.

It looks like I am not supposed to have a fast 85 mm lens, but I am looking for alternatives.

Who turned off the light?

So I have once again changed the theme for this site, because I just don’t have enough things to do already. I started out with the Hemingway theme and changed the color scheme, fonts, layout and some other things.

As a result, some things will definitely be broken for a while until I fix everything up. Oh, and please don’t use Internet Explorer. 😉

Bought Coda in a big sale

CodaI have long been looking for the perfect editor for my Mac. Ever since I bought the latest Macheist bundle I have been using Espresso, which has been working fairly well. It is a very immature editor though with lots of essential features missing.

I heard that Panic is having a sale on Coda (hurry, two days remaining!) so I decided to get buy it immediately, since it seems to be a very competent editor with a solid reputation.

My first experiences have been very positive! It has innovative features, looks good and does its job very well. I especially like the excellent Subversion integration and remote support via FTP, SFTP etc.

When I have used Coda for a week or two, I’ll write a proper review with images and everything.