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Divvyshot – photo sharing for the rest of us?

Divvyshot is a photo sharing site, fresh off the presses. Even though the name is hard to remember, the website is quite the opposite.

Divvyshot has taken a somewhat different approach to photo sharing where albums are thought of as events, and multiple people can easily contribute to them. Imagine a wedding where there will probably be lots of cameras and people taking photographs. Now imagine that everyone upload their photos to the same Divvyshot event, where all photos easily can be downloaded and shared. It is a very simple way to gather all photos in one place, even for non-techies.

If you are familiar with other photo sharing sites like Flickr, you will most immediately spot quite a few differences. The first thing you will notice is the website itself, with its simple and grey theme, yet stays very stylish and functional. All actions have icons with no visible labels, although they show descriptions on mouse over. It might not be completely user friendly, but you get the hang of all buttons after a while.

Nice features like directly importing photos from Flickr are done very well and work great most of the time. There are sharing features, where one can send photos to Flickr, Facebook and link to Twitter. It is also possible to download all photos in one click, which is very handy in the wedding example above.

So will I switch over to Divvyshot from Flickr? In short, no. A longer answer is that Flickr has a huge community, thousands of external apps, an API, integration with Aperture and Lightroom. I will however try it out on my parents and other people who might find Flickr too daunting but still want to easily share photos with friends and family.

Have a look at my Divvyshot account for sample albums.