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Getting push replies for Twitter for free

I wanted to get notified on Twitter replies and mentions instantly, both on my Mac and on my iPhone. Since Google released Push for the iPhone a couple of weeks ago, an email based solution would be perfect.

Get Twitter Mentions is a bash script well suited for this task. It is easily customizable and you can run is as often as you like. Just add a crontab like the following on a Linux server of your choice:

*/2 * * * * /home/joch/bin/

This will execute the script every two minutes and email you if there are any new updates. Just make sure that you keep the requests well within the API limits (currently 150 requests per hour), or your API access may be revoked for a while. The emails are very well designed, having the tweets in the subjects for easy viewing and a full profile and other types of information right there in the email.

The following pictures are taken from the author’s site, but shows in a very clear way how things look.