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Ghost is a recently released blogging platform based on Node.js and probably a direct competitor to established platforms such as Medium.


According to the author of Gust, Ghost was in its conception thought to be a WordPress plugin but morphed into an entity of its own, and this is where Gust comes in.

At the begining, Ghost was supposed to be a fork of WordPress. Then there was a talk of a plugin, that would give a next-generation admin panel for WordPress. But in the process it became a new blogging platform, built on Node.js. This plugin is an attempt to bring the nice and clean admin panel of Ghost back to the WordPress ecosystem.

I gave it a go in my test WordPress installation and I am really impressed by it, given its early stage in the development process. Just a couple of iterations more adding support for featured image, post format and custom fields, and I could probably use it.


Its strengths lie in the realtime Markdown preview pane, which works really well. It currently doesn’t reflect the current website theme though, which may or may not be an issue.