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Learn better using pictures, reading text or watching video?

There are constantly debates on how advanced a GNU/Linux system seems to be, with all commands having to be typed in a console. The truth is that in most modern Linux systems it is most certainly possible to manage most settings using a graphical user interface instead of the console.

One of the reasons of there being so many guides on the internet explaining things using the command-line is that it’s in my opinion far easier to explain using text. Take my article on backing up your files using Unison for example. In this article I describe both ways, first using the command-line and later the GUI variant. Notice that the GUI approach often needs to be accompanied by screen-shots or other types of visual queues for the reader to know where to click.

Which way that will prevail in the end is hard to tell, but I have been trying to use screen-shots lately to provide a visual feedback on how to accomplish certain tasks. A fairly new phenomenon is to use streaming videos to provide users with help to manage common tasks.

I am not sure what to make of these video guides though. I can imagine that it can be hard to follow for some people, since the video is playing in a predetermined speed. Text on the other hand, can be read a fast or slow as the reader wants, even if it is GUI or command-line based.