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Lebanon (2009) is a Lebanese war movie set in 1982, right in the beginning of when the real 1982 Lebanon war started. The story is about a tank crew accompanied by paratroopers and their journey in their mission to searching a bombed and broken city with desperate people fighting for their lives, and their children.

The characters soon find themselves in a nightmare situation where they don’t know who to trust or what to do. People are dying everywhere and the human psyche shows its true face, and their humanity is stretched to the limit when forcing to make horrible decisions and do unspeakable actions.

One of the first thoughts I got in the beginning of this movie was the immense feeling of claustrophobia. The portrayal of the tank crew was excellent when they struggled with the dangers and morals of war, and between themselves. The “external” group of paratroopers did not break up much of the human dynamics of the tank crew, except for the major in charge.

There were some parts where the movie lost its momentum and became a bit stale. It picked up quite well though and was joy to watch, but somehow there was this feeling of the director trying to make this an “artsy” movie. While that is totally fine, it felt a bit forced and unnatural, but don’t let that deter you from watching this excellent movie.