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Micro blogging – Jaiku, Twitter, Plurk, Pownce,

Micro blogging seems to have exploded this last year. Most of it is probably thanks to Twitter, but there are lots of other services popping up, such as Jaiku and Plurk, which have identified the shortcoming of Twitter and extended the service to include the missing features as well as adding more innovative extensions.

If you are new to micro blogging, you should definitely have a look at Twitter in Plain English by CommonCraft. It explains the very concept and how it can be a part of your everyday life:

My favorite micro blogging platform is by far Jaiku. It has the possibility to add “chat rooms” where people can add common entries, much like a chat. It also has proper support for comments, while Twitter does not. The one thing Twitter does have is an extremely large user base, and it does as well have lots of third-party applications for easier entry of “tweets”.

Since I like using Jaiku for the innovative features, I still want to be able to be part of the large user base of Twitter. This leads to services such as Ping.FM, Socialthing and hellotxt. These services enables you to add these messages to different platforms at the same time, while only posting once!

You can add me on the following networks:

They all basically contain the same posts, except for responses and other platform specific features.