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New Season of D-town TV out, now for all DSLR users!

The second season of D-town TV recently kicked off, with Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski discussing everything DSLR and accessories, studio equipment and photo techniques. The first season however, was only targeted towards Nikon users, but the second season has instantly broadened the audience by not being quite as specific regarding the camera settings, but instead focusing on the core functions common to all cameras.

That said, even if you are not a Nikon shooter, there is still plenty of information in the first season for you to enjoy. Especially if you are a newcomer to the SLR scene, there are episodes discussing lenses and many other basic, yet important things to know.

The latest episode to date covers:

  • Matt shows a workaround for bracketing if your camera doesn’t have Auto Exposure Bracketing
  • David Ziser drops by with a tip on custom settings for shooting in a variety of situations with the same camera
  • Larry Becker talks about using the Gorillapod with a small ball head on the latest Cheap Shots
  • Dave Cross shows how to take full advantage of the OnOne DSLR Camera Remote software
  • Moose Peterson is back with another helpful tip for photographing “critters.”
  • This week’s suggested photographer is Erik Almas!
  • Check out previous episodes for all sorts of information on lenses

With one episode per week, there is plenty of entertainment and information for everyone.