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Notebook 3 – OneNote for Mac?

Since switching to a Mac, there has always been one application for which I haven’t been able to find an equivalent. Windows users will undoubtedly have heard of Microsoft OneNote, which is the de-facto note taking application. Linux users have had Basket which does the same thing, but perhaps not as feature rich as OneNote.

There are lots of good note-taking applications out there for the Mac. None of these do however have the intuitive and easy to use interface bundled with the annotation features of OneNote. Some of the applications I have tried and have been using:

I finally found the Circus Ponies website which have a product called Notebook 3. I watched the screencast which shows most features in the application, and it seemed like a very interesting application to try out – and I was right.

Notebook 3 has everything one needs to read, write, collect and manage large information chunks. It can be used by students, in meetings, project management or almost anything. For an in-depth review, have a look at the above mentioned screencast.

The following image shows off some of the features of the application. Click on it for the full version.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Circus Ponies website and download the application.

Do you know other applications for the Mac which have similar qualities as OneNote?