Sync your Lightroom catalog using Dropbox

Work in the same Lightroom environment on multiple Macs

Having recently made the switch from Aperture to Lightroom, the ability to use the same Lightroom catalog on multiple computers seemed like an illusive dream. It made sense not only for sharing edits and settings, but also for synchronizing tags and publish status for services like Flickr and 500px. It is time to convert that dream to reality.

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Moving from Aperture to Lightroom


What to do now that Aperture has been discontinued

Apple recently announced the retirement of Aperture, their professional photo management and editing application. This is unfortunate news but not entirely unexpected, considering the lack of new features for several years prior to this announcement.

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Stockholm Zombie Walk 2014

The streets of Stockholm were once again filled with zombies roaming the streets. Had a lot of fun shooting the walk and can’t wait for next year!

If you are interested in using one of these images on your website or social network, please link back to this page. If you want access to a higher resolution image, please contact me.

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Stockholm Pride 2014

This was the first time I saw the Stockholm Pride parade. There were an insane amount of people both attending the parade and watching it all happen. A surprising amount of parliament leaders and celebrities attended as well.

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Optimizing Trello for the 10-person Opbeat team

I am a big fan of Trello and I like the way it lets you design your own workflow in any way you want. It’s strengths also have a dark side to them — it can be hard to nail down a specific workflow and sticking to it, since there are no enforcements of any kind.

Opbeat seem to have nailed a pretty good development workflow using Trello and is well worth a read.

10 Lessons from 4 Years Working Remotely at Automattic

Sara Rosso writes about her experiences working remotely at Automattic.

I believe that this way of working will be increasingly popular as time goes by. Instead of wasting lots of time commuting and conforming to normal office hours, one will be able to work when and how works best.

The true nature of “busy”

A great article about why we feel the constant need to be busy.

The situation arises: you enjoy the highs, but you are unable to create enough new to support these highs, so you trick your brain into rewarding you for doing far less – you convince your brain of the dubious value of being busy.