WP Facebook Like

WP Facebook Like makes it easy to integrate the Facebook Like and Send buttons with your WordPress site. Choose to automatically append the button before or after the content, or use a template tag to place the button where ever you want.

For the latest news, have a look at the wpfblike tag (rss) on this website.

Quick features

  • Fully automatic — just install and enable the plugin
  • Easily place the button before or after your post
  • Choose to disable the button on the front page
  • Disable the button in specific pages and posts
  • Supports the Facebook Send button
  • Custom settings available, including a shortcode and template tag
  • Full language support for the Like button
  • XFBML and Open Graph support

The button will automatically be inserted after the post, but if you want the button to appear before the post, change the color or make the plugin only show the button and no faces, make those changes in the settings panel.

To see all available settings, have a look at the options screenshot.

To manually include the Like button in a post or page, set the plugin to disabled in the settings and include the [ wpfblike ] tag within the post.

If you are a template developer, you may include the button where ever you want, as long as you stay within the WordPress loop. Just call the wpfblike() function and echo the output to the correct place for your theme.

Note that WP Facebook Like currently only supports PHP5.

Template developers

If you are a template developer, you may include the button where ever you want, as long as you stay within the WordPress loop. Just call the wpfblike() function and echo the output to the correct place for your theme.

You can optionally pass arguments to the function if you want different settings for default button. To get a default button, write the following:

<?php echo wpfblike(); ?>

To get a button with the count layout:

<?php echo wpfblike('layout=button_count'); ?>

You may concatenate multiple options as such:

<?php echo wpfblike('layout=button_count&colorscheme=dark&action=recommend'); ?>

The following options and values are currently recognized:

  • layout (default, button_count)
  • show_faces (true/false)
  • colorscheme (light/dark/evil)
  • width (in pixels)
  • action (like/recommend)
  • fbsend (true/false)

Refer to the options page for the plugin for a description of all options.


Please contact me to include your translation of this plugin. Do consider contacting me before starting to translate as well, so you know if anyone else has already started


Like and Send buttons

Like and Send buttons

Sending Options

Sending Options




The easiest way to install this plugin is to go to Plugins -> Add New in your WordPress admin and search for “wp facebook like”, and click the install button.

To manually install the plugin, upload it to your wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and activate it from the admin page.


Download at WordPress.org.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this plugin, you can either write a comment to this page, or preferably contact me directly for a faster response.


1.5.2 (2014-02-22)

  • This is a quick-fix release to make the button work again. It will be updated shortly with all new features of the Facebook Like API and other reported bugs.
  • Fixed an issue where Facebook has changed the button naming, causing the button not to work.

1.5.1 (2011-04-27)

  • Added support for disabling the button on specific posts and pages. Create a custom field called “wpfblike” and set the value to “false” to hide the button on that specific post.
  • Added support for the new Facebook Send button. It is off by default, but can be enabled in the settings.

1.4.0 (2010-10-10)

  • Added options for choosing to insert the button in pages and/or posts.
  • Added a check to verify that the correct PHP version is used when activating. (PHP>=5 supported).
  • Added settings link from the plugin list. (thanks udi86!)
  • Added an automatic language detector, which is now the default. (thanks udi86!)
  • Added Open Graph admins property, which will create a Facebook page for your current article.

1.3.9 (2010-06-04)

  • Updated screenshots to reflect new settings

1.3.8 (2010-06-04)

  • Fixed a bug where you could get “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

1.3.7 (2010-05-24)

  • Added support for settings a custom priority for the automatic button embedding.
  • Added support for automatically insert the button both before and after the article.

1.3.6 (2010-05-16)

  • Added support for entering a custom CSS style.
  • Added support for passing custom arguments from the template tag.

1.3.5 (2010-05-13)

  • Added an option to use the default Facebook height. Just leave the height option blank in the settings for this to take effect.

1.3.3 (2010-05-12)

  • Added support for entering a custom height for the like button, which can be used to trim excess whitespace after the button.

1.3.2 (2010-05-12)

  • Fixed a bug which could invalidate the RSS feed. Thanks to Simon Salt for the notification.

1.3.1 (2010-05-11)

  • Fixed versioning mistake.

1.3.0 (2010-05-11)

  • Added support for disabling the automatic inclusion of the Facebook Javascript SDK.
  • Added full Facebook language support.
  • Added support for Facebook Open Graph.

1.2.0 (2010-05-10)

  • Added support for entering a Facebook Application ID, enabling the comment box.

1.1.0 (2010-05-08)

  • Added option to choose permalink type. Good if you want the button outside the WordPress loop
  • Added help text to all settings on the options page to make it easier to know what to do
  • Added support for internationalization. To contribute a translation, contact me at the the plugin website.
  • Added option to choose to only show the like button on single posts.
  • Fixed Removed double URL encoding


  • Fixed problem with Internet Explorer


  • Choose between the xfbml or iframe embedding method (xfbml is default)
  • Choose the button text
  • CSS class description
  • Updated options screenshot to reflect the new settings


  • Made the plugin insert the button after the post by default
  • The options page is now much easier to use
  • Updated the options screenshot


  • Initial release




    • Thank you for your input!

      There could be a problem changing the class name now that it’s out there, but if people are having problems, I’ll definitely change it. I will look into the boolean strings as well.

      I was thinking about implementing some options for only enabling the button on posts, pages, not the front page etc, for the next version.

      • It’s coming soon. I will try to get an updated version of wp-require-auth out this weekend, and hopefully an update to this plugin next week with support for enabling on posts/pages etc.

  1. Thanks! It took me three tries to find a like button plugin that I, well, liked. I was won over by how easy it was to change the location of the button.

    Love it!

    • Thanks!

      I am guessing that there could be potential problems running on PHP4, but I would have to verify.

      I would urge you to upgrade to PHP5 though if possible, since PHP4 is not supported since 2008 and there are no security patches made since.

      • thanks for the info. Pestering my host provider right now

      • Yes – this requires PHP 5. Plugin doesn’t even show up for me otherwise.

        Shows up and works great when 5 is installed.

        Ability to echo the output anywhere you want makes this the best Like plugin imho.

        Went the manual route initially with the Like button and Facebook scripts and just got annoyed.

  2. Awesome plug-in!

    Two people has liked my post, but I can’t see who it is, is there any way I can find out?

    • For this, you would need to set up your own application within Facebook. I will add support for this in the plugin and instructions for creating the application in Facebook in an upcoming version.

  3. Hey, I have a problem..2 actually.

    When someone “Likes” on of my articles on my blog, then on facebook it appears ” user likes content on content

    and the second one:

    I don’t get the “comment form” when I press “like”

    what did I do wrong?

    • Hello.

      1. Not sure why that happens, but I will look into this. I will probably insert the open graph headers on the page instead of relying on Facebook to grab the title (if you want to know the details), for the next version.

      2. That is because I haven’t released that feature yet. It requires the website to have a Facebook application, but I will release an update to the plugin very soon (hopefully tonight) which will include this functionality, as well as instructions for setting up an application in Facebook.

      • Facebook, resolved the whole “content” thing, I don’t know if it was something I did or just something random.

        Nevertheless waiting for the comment thingy :))

  4. I got 2.0, it seems it only happens to me, the owner of the website and facebook profile :))

    A friend “liked” an article for the 1st time and it worked for him.
    Seems to be something with the owner of the blog/facebook account :)

  5. I don’t know if the comment went in moderation, I wasn’t paying attention, but as I said, a friend “liked” an article for the 1st time and it worked for him :))

    it must be something with the blog owner’s facebook account.

  6. @somnulescu the thread got all screwed up when I changed the maximum recursion level. The comment is there, just not at the bottom. This is a new thread. :)

    Thanks for the info. I haven’t had this problem myself, but I will try to find out what’s causing it.

  7. I had to deactivate this plugin as it screwed up my RSS feed completely. It is adding white space and has invalid XML syntax in it. You definitely need to fix this before it can be used properly.

  8. Hello, I am using your plug-in and it’s great.
    Is there an option to show all the faces? Currently it displays 4-5 faces but not all.

    Thank you

    • Thanks!

      It will currently only show the faces of your friends, and I’m not sure about the maximum number. This is done on the Facebook side of things however, and it’s nothing that can be controlled from my side I’m afraid.

      If Facebook decides to change the current behavior, I will definitely include options for controlling it using the plugin.

  9. Good plugin. Could you add template tags to select the button type (default or counter)? It would be useful if you want to have two buttons in one post – for example small counter button at the top of the post and default button with faces at the bottom.

  10. Hi,

    hanks for this great plugin …
    it works fine, but does not update application fans on the simple facebook application I created.

    I have entered the Application ID in the settings .. Am I missing something here??


    • Hello. This seems to be a problem on the Facebook side and it should hopefully be working again soon. I am experiencing the same issue at this moment.

      I will keep you posted on any changes.

    • Facebook seems to have fixed the problem now, but I did find a bug in the iframe embedding method. If you please switch to xfbml, it should hopefully start working again.

      I will submit a fix for the iframe issue later today. Thanks!

      • It seems that it works in some places but not others, and it seems that it is not an implementation issue, since people not using my plugin are experiencing similar issues right now.

        I will keep you posted.

      • the facebook like widget was working for me till yesterday, today morning when i used this, it is showing me an error.

        Also when i post links of my website in facebook, it is detecting only the title and url but till yesterday it was able to detect the images and the description too.

        wondering why this happened.

        Does this have any relation to our privacy settings ?
        bcoz sterday night i tweaked some of my privacy settings.

        also i added a google adsense link unit to my blog header.
        does that javascript interfering with this facebook widget ?

        This problem is occupying my mind from morning and i can’t work till i get some solution.

        sorry if i am disturbing you a lot.

        thanks for your replies.

    • There is not much I can do right now, except waiting for Facebook to fix the issue. The button seems to be working intermittently on my site as well.

      It should not have anything to do with your privacy settings, since it seems to be working fine for a while and later not working at all.

      I am not sure about the privacy settings, but I am experiencing the same problem right now, so that would not be the issue.

  11. How do you place the button with other plug-ins?

    On my blog I have linkwithin, and I’d like to have the fb-like above that and not under as it kinda disappears. Tried editing single post, but either way it winds up under linkwithin. I also have tweetmeme, and if I ask it to show on the bottom, it gets placed over the linkwithin, where I want the fb-like to go.

    How to I do this?

    • The only way to get full control over what goes where is to manually include the template tag in your single post template. There just enter the fb-like button before linkwithin (assuming that linkwithin actually has a template tag and that the automatic insertion can be disabled).

      I can add a priority option to the next release of this plugin. That will make it possible to choose in what order the plugins should be included. Hopefully that will fix your issue, if you don’t want to edit the template, or if linkwithin does not have a template tag.

  12. Hi Johnny, I installed this on a really early version of wp, but since I couldn’t find the Settings Panel for this anywhere I thought that maybe it was because your plugin was developed for a later version, which turned out to be the case.

    So I upgraded WP to the latest version, but still I can’t find the Settings Panel for this plugin anywhere.

    I just checked in the database to see if your plugin stored any variables anywhere that I could try resetting, but couldn’t find anything.

    Am I missing something?

    Thank you

    • Hello! The settings panel is called “WP Facebook Like” and should be available if you click “Settings” in your admin menu. The URL for getting to the page is:


      but you should be able to see it in the menu. If not, I assume that you updated WordPress to 2.9.2, but do you know which version of PHP is running on your server? The plugin currently only supports PHP5 and newer.

      • Hey Johnny,

        yes it’s definitely not in the menu, and I’m on PHP4 which is probably why.

        Thanks very much

      • There seems to be some demand for PHP4 support, so I will add that to the list. (the best would be to upgrade to php5 though)

      • Ah well that would be great.

        Totally agree, however it’s difficult to upgrade an entire server and all of its sites to php5

        Thanks again.

  13. Hi,
    I am getting a “connect_to_node_error.php?” when it try to use
    XFBML . “You must specify an URL as part of this widget or API.”

    Any ideas how to Fix it ?, i got a Facebook App ID.


      • It’s was set to iframe there it works fine.Check now i changed it XFBML.

      • Okay it’s working now with XFBML, there is an issue with the become a fan widget on the sidebar. I removed it and it’s works fine now.

        Thanks for your help :)

      • Great! :)

        It could be that your other widget is loading the Facebook SDK too. If you want both, you can try changing the option “Facebook SDK” to “disabled” in the options page under advanced settings for this plugin, and see if it works for you.

  14. Hey man, love the plugin – a real time saver – one thing though,

    I want to use the automatic inclusion on all single posts and pages, but there are one or two pages I don’t want it on – is there a line of code I can put into those pages to stop it being called?


      • Hi,

        Thanks so much for this plugin!
        I’d like to select the pages where I put the plugin too.
        Is there a way to do that now?

        Thanks again,

      • There is currently no way of doing this in the options. The next version will probably only feature an all-or-nothing for pages and posts, but after that, I will start working on a way to individually choose the pages to show the button on.

        If you want to do this now, you can disable the automatic insertion of the button in the options, and use the [wpfblike] tag on the pages where you want the button to appear.

  15. Stupid question: Does this plugin also publish the wp posts on a facebook fan page? And if yes, how? And how do i connect the wp post with the fb post?

    • Sorry, it currently does not do anything other than the like button. You will currently need to use another plugin like Wordbooker or similar to achieve this.

      There are future plans for integrating other Facebook widgets and posting to this plugin, but that won’t happen for a while at least.

  16. Hi.

    Great widget. Love it.

    But now I can only see how many of my friends that like what I just wrote. But I have no idea which friends.

    How can I see that ?

    • Thank you!

      You should be able to see the name of your friends who have liked the post right there by the button. You should also see their faces below the button if you haven’t disabled it in the settings.

      If people who are not your friend on Facebook have clicked the button however, the number will increase, but you will not see who it is.

      To try it out, have a friend of yours on Facebook click a like button and you should see it right away.

    • I have seen this before. This seems to be more common with non-English blogs, where there are special characters in the header etc.

      If you go to this URL, you see the raw button as created by Facebook. If you click it, you will get “The page at [url] could not be reached.”, which means that the Facebook servers can’t access your site for some reason. This is probably temporary though.

      • I saw this error too, I tried on 2 websites on my own and same msg occured.

        Googled it and it seems that a lot of persons have the same issue.
        Hope this will be corrected…

        Thanks Johnny !

  17. Hi! I love your plugin, but it isn’t working on my blog. Everytime I click “like” it comes up with a red error saying my site is not recognized by Facebook. Can you help me with this?

  18. Hi. Once installed, no settings for this plugin show up in my “settings” section. I’ve manually appended /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=wpfblike-options to my url, and I get a “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    Please advise. Thanks ^_^

    • Hello. May I ask how you installed this plugin? Did you use the WordPress plugin installer or did you manually upload the plugin to the server? Did you make sure that it has the proper file permissions if you uploaded it yourself? Also, which version of WordPress are you running?

      • I used the WP plugin installer. And I’m running 2.9.2. Thanks!

    • It seems that you might have found a bug! I will submit an update shortly, which should hopefully fix the problem.

      If you want to fix it by yourself in the meantime, open wp-facebook-like.php, go to line 54, and change admin_init to admin_menu.


  19. Great plugin…glad to see lots of updates since the first version! Does anyone have the comments/share features working properly!? I can’t seem to get it to come up using any plugin that I’ve tried. Will this work with PHP5 only or something? I tried setting to PHP5 but then sessions in my shopping cart will not save…UGH. Anyway, also when I am liking something, it generates link only to root url or a category in my shop…not to the page on which I clicked “Like”. Perhaps this is a conflict with wp ecommerce shopping cart plugin? Interested in making a FB Like version working with this shop!? 😉 Thanks for all the hard work!

    • Thanks!

      For the comment feature to work, you need to set up a Facebook application. When you have that set up, just enter the application ID into the settings page of the plugin and it should show the comment box automatically.

      This plugin only works with PHP5 at the moment, but since several people have requested PHP4 compatibility, it has been added to the project backlog and will be implemented in a while. Note that PHP4 is insecure and terribly out of date, and you should preferably make your shopping cart work with PHP5 instead.

      About the url problem, I tried liking one of your posts and it linked to the correct url. It didn’t work since Facebook are currently having problems with the Like API, but the URL was indeed correct. If you could show me a page where the button doesn’t link to the proper page, that would be great!

      There are lots of cool features coming soon! :)

  20. Facebook seems to have fixed the issue now, so it should hopefully work for all of you. If not, contact me.

    They currently have a time-limit of 5 seconds for fetching your page, so if the site take more time than this to load, you will probably get an error. They might raise this to 7 or 8 seconds later according to a reply in the bugtracker.

  21. How do i set the options? There is no coherent way showing up to do this. Also, the only face that shows up after “Like” is mine, and that only if I am logged in to Fb.
    No comment field ever comes up and I don’t have an options screen to set it.

    • There in an options page if you go to your admin page, in Settings -> WP Facebook Like.

      For the comment box to function, you will need to enter a Facebook application ID, and make sure that you are using the xfbml version (it’s the default).

      You will only see the faces of your friends. Others will only show as an increase in the like counter.

  22. Johnny,

    Was looking for this solution, tried a few others, but WP Facebook Like works the most smoothly. Thank you for taking your time and effort to help all WordPress users by developing your plugin. I truly value the skills of those who can create plugins like yours.

    I understand that there have been some API problems. Would this explain why your plugin outputs perfectly in Firefox but does not show up when viewed in IE? Not sure why this is happening otherwise.

    Again, thank you for plugin.

  23. Hello, the plugin works fine for me. But when i added a Link to Facebook no image were taken.
    The reason is the html output:

    Where can i set an default image ?

    best regards

    • The plugin currently doesn’t support the og:image property. I have added it to my list and it will be implemented soon.

      Are there any other properties besides og:image that you want to control manually?

  24. Is there a way to make the text (“5 people like this” and so on) appear below the button?

    I have a narrow column I want to fit the plugin in, and the text gets in the way…

    Other than that, thanks for the plugin.

  25. Hi Jonnhy – I do have your plugin, it was working perfectly and the stopped working. I saw that Facebook worked on the problem, it is now working but I lost all the counting of likes. From 23 in one post, went to 0!! any idea how fix this? Thanks!

    • Hello. As long as the URL to the post is the same, the count should remain. I can not affect the like count in anyway, since that is handled by Facebook. Are you having problem with multiple pages, or just one?

  26. Hi
    Is it possible to see who clicked the like button? Or does the script only show people who are my friends? I’m just curious how it works.
    Best regards.

  27. I absolutely love this plugin, however I just noticed that it’s not showing up in Internet Explorer. I use Firefox, so I hadn’t really thought about it. Troubleshooting something else on my site, and I noticed there’s no Like button in IE. Help?

  28. Hi!
    I found a bug when using the plugin.
    I used the iframe version with compact button.
    The iframe doesn’t have a height valeu and it causes some problems with other divs. I put a value in the php plugin file and the problem was solved!

  29. Is there an easy way to set the actual color of the text? I have it set to “light”, but I would actually like to specify a color.


  30. Great plugin!
    Just a quick question. I added the Like button manually using the XFBML version. It works fine in Firefox and IE. But in IE, when I close the browser, i get a runtime error. I looked at the error in a debugger and it’s something about Xdcomm and clearing cache. Have you ever seen this? You can try it on my website. Any ideas?



  31. Hi Johnny,
    Great plug in! I was how or if the plugin can import the “likes” I’ve received on my Facebook page into my blog. Currently it only shows up if someone comes to my blog and “likes” it.



  32. Hi,

    Facebook takes first image of the page (<img src …), it is possible to exclude a particular picture? I have 3 pictures on the page before the post uprightly. : (

  33. I’m having trouble getting it to show up. It shows up fine when I’m logged in as admin. But not when I’m not logged in, or more importantly, to anyone else looking at it. What am I missing?

  34. The only facebook like plugin that doesn’t give me the WSOD!

    Just one thing, I don’t want the facebook like to appear on pages, only posts. Is there a way to remove from pages?

  35. ….having trouble submitting my comment to your page.

    Thanks for your plugin. I installed it with no problem. Q: Is there a way to display more detail in the Like box? I’d like to show:
    1. the person’s facebook comments (if they make one when they Like the page
    2. Have the plugin says the name of the page/post that the person likes
    3. have the option to show how many people like the page.


    • Sorry about that. It seems that my hosting provider is having some hiccups lately.

      1. That is currently not possible using the Like API.
      2. The name of the post should appear on Facebook. Are you getting different results?
      3. It should show how many people like the page. Are you not seeing it? What are you seeing instead?

      • Well, that would explain why I couldn’t find a plugin that displays the comments!

        I have 1 like (that I added) but my page doesn’t indicate it and just says “Be the first of your friends to recommend this.” When I’m logged in to Facebook, the plugin shows I liked the page and I can also see my comment on my Facebook page. (I can see the title of the page now).

      • I can’t replicate the problem with the recommend/like count being out of sync. There could be temporary problem at Facebook (it wouldn’t be the first time). Try it out again in a while and see if it works.

  36. If I post a new post or edit a previous post I get the following error:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /wp-content/plugins/wp-facebook-like/wp-facebook-like.php:173) in /wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 890

  37. Just installed new ver 1.4.0 and looks great but can’t get it to show on the front page, even when set not to hide on front page. Same with iframe setting. I have the latest ver of wp.

    • Thanks!

      I’m afraid I can’t reproduce your problem on my end.

      Did you perhaps enable Open Graph? If OG is enabled, the buttons will automatically be hidden from the front page since the OG headers can not be matched with an individual post.

      • I have it with all the default settings and open graph is disabled. do you know of any conflicts with other plugins? I have Share and Follow but disabling that doesn’t fix the problem. Or is there some bit of code I can put in the home page php file only that will force it to appear?

      • There is a php snippet that will show the button where you want it:

        <?php echo wpfblike(); ?>

        However, the automatic insertion of the button is done during the “the_content” action. Is your index.php template calling the_content() for all posts?

  38. Hello,

    When I like some post on my blog, I can see on my FB profile page – … like …. on kulaza.com.
    But, why that doesnt appear on the main (shared) wall?

    • I don’t have WP-FB-AutoConnect plug-in.
      I have removed all plug-ins concerning facebook integration and added manually code into blog.
      But still, it behaves strange. When I click on Like it should post on the wall

      ….. likes Title on Kulaza.com – and that is ok, and that would be written on the main wall where my friends can see it.

      Bust, usually it shows on my wall either
      … likes Title on kulaza.com or just
      … likes Title.

      Do you know something about that?
      Where should I look for error?


      • Dear kesa, my comment was for the plugin-author. I don’t know about your issue, the plugin and the Facebook-API. :)

      • Try switching to the iframe embedding mode instead of xfbml in the options. That does not use the Facebook SDK and should not be affected by your other Facebook integrations.

      • Johnny, technically the iframe works. But the design overrides embeded video e.g. Youtube, so it is graphically impossible to use it on top of the posts.

  39. Thanks for writing this. I have a little problem though: I am using excerps on some of my posts. These posts will not show the LIKE button on the front page. If I am trying to insert [wpfblike], it will just print that on the front page, but not show the button.
    Any ideas for people using excerps?

    • You could include the button in your template if you want the button to appear in a certain place regardless of post type (excerpts or normal posts).

      I will however try to find an easy and usable solution for the next version.

      • I’ll look into that… really don’t know how to include it into my template… but I’ll try to find out. Otherwise I may get back to you if you don’t mind. THANKS Johnny.

    • If you use the button count layout, it should not do a line break. This is controlled by Facebook, but you can try using the normal layout and play around with “Custom CSS style” in the setting which wraps the button. (display:inline; perhaps?)

  40. Hi Johnny,

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong but when I try and change the height to make the button smaller it doesn’t appear to work.

    • Hello! The button itself will always remain the same size. The height settings refers to the whitespace below the button.

      If “Show faces” is enabled in the settings, you will need some space for the images to be, but if you are not, then you can set a smaller height to decrease the default white-space underneath.

  41. Hi,
    My home page uses a different template (with a different file name) than the standard one.
    Although I set the options to hide the button on the front page – I still get to see it there.
    What should I do in order to prevent it from appearing in the front page? (or in a specific page)?

    • Are you using a publicly available template, or have you created your own?

      If you are doing something special in your template which invalidates the is_single() function call in WordPress, you can place the button directly in the template using php. See the title “Template developers” above to learn how.

      Support for enabling or disabling the button on specific posts is currently not possible, but will be in a future version.

  42. For me, the commenting box is acting weird. It seems to take a random image from my site as a thumbnail and puts it on facebook along with the comment. The created Facebook page gets that same thumbnail. Is there a way to control which image is taken? Or a way to disable images as thumbnails as a whole?


    • There is no way of disabling the image (that I am currently aware of), but you can however choose an image to be used. This plugin currently doesn’t support that, but it will be implemented in the next version, since a lot of people have been asking for it.

      I will probably use the “featured image” function, available in newer versions of WordPress, to make it easy to select an image to use with the post.

      • Johnny,

        Thanks for your reply!

        What if you do not have a featured image on your post?
        For instance: I’m using WooThemes who have a different script on my site


        It would be great to have the abbility to browse through all the images on a post to select a thumb like on the Facebook Share button !?

        Just some thoughts! Thanks!

  43. Hi Johnny,

    Nice job with the plugin thought I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to updating code.

    I can’t figure out where in the plugin I edit in order to update from the default setting of ‘liking” the current page to make the default page to like as “facebook.com/clipmobile

    If you or anyone else can highlight the specific code I need to edit in the plugin it would be a greatly appreciated.

    • Hello and thanks! I’m not entirely sure if I understand you correctly to be honest. The button can currently only like page on which you currently are.

      I checked out your website, and are you not looking for something like the “Clip Mobile on Facebook” box you already have?

  44. Hi! This is a great plugin! I installed it,and it was working fine today, when I started getting this error upon “liking” a post: The application ID “null” specified within the “fb:app_id” meta tag was invalid.

    Any idea what this is about? How can I fix it?

  45. It would be great just to be able to assign a value to the text. The button looks OK against most backgrounds. The default text color is too dark against really dark backgrounds. Just to insert a hex value would be great.

  46. Hi John, I installed your plug in on my site with SDK and OG enabled with XFBML. But some pages are not displaying ‘Admin Page’ link next to the Like button. Do you know how to get around this ?

  47. Hi,

    I am trying to use the [wpfblike] short code, but it is not working. When I insert it into a post, it simpley creates additional white space, but does not show the graphic. I set the answer to “no” for when to show the symbol. What should I do to fix this?



  48. Johnny,

    congrats with this great plugin. One question though: how do I get the button to float next to, for example, a tweet button (just like on your own site)?


  49. Can this plugin be configured such that, when liked, the post title is displayed as opposed to the blog title? If so, how?


    • It uses the title of the page as the title for the like, and the name of your blog as the website (which is done automatically by the Facebook API).

      Would you like to use the title of the post itself instead of the title of the page?

      • Exactly. I would prefer if the title of the post was displayed instead of the page title: “Person” likes “title of individual post” at “website”.
        Any ideas?

        Thanks again for your help!

      • Okay, this is possible using Open Graph. I will add this to my todo list and it will be available in an upcoming version. Thanks for the input!

  50. Great plugin, but I am having an issue with Firefox. When I click the fb like button on my site and on yours I get a looping pop up that cycles for about ten seconds and the like does not register.

    Any ideas?

      • I get this too. Using Firefox 3.6.13 on Windows. The plugin doesn’t recognize that I am logged in to Facebook already. When I click like button, I get a looping popup until i refresh or close the page.

        This does not happen in Rockmelt, IE8 or Opera.

  51. Hi,

    First of all, great plugin. Many thanks!

    When someone Likes the post, it currently displays “[Person] likes http://www.ps3attitude.com/new/2010/12/ps3a-writers-goty-chaos/ on ps3attitude.com.”

    Is there any way that the link to the post, and the link to the site, can be the actual title of the post and site, but still hyperlinked so that person’s friends can click through?

    i.e. Can it look like “[Person] likes ‘PS3A Writer’s GOTY: In the end there will only be chaos’ on PS3 Attitude.”?

    • Hello and thanks!

      I am guessing the problem is that the page is taking too long to load. Facebook gives a page less than 10 seconds to load, and then gives up and tries the best it can to provide a result. When I tried to access that article you linked to, it took about 30 seconds to load, which is a bit too long.

      I’ll have a look at your source and see if I spot anything strange.

    • I have used your plugin in other several sites, it suppose to show on front page, but this particular sharonplusandy.com, is not showing on front page. Can you help? :) Thank you.

    • Do you insert the button automatically or are you using the php function in the template? It’s not loading the javascript library on the front page, so I’m guessing that “Hide on front page” is set to “Yes”.

      • The SDK is not inserted in the front page for some reason. This is normally inserted during the loop_start action, but if your theme displays posts in a non-standard way, there could be problems.

        Is the theme available for download so I can have a look? Otherwise I can give you a small code snippet to be inserted into the theme footer. (send me an email using the contact page if that would work.)

  52. Love the plug-in, but ran into one conflict that I can’t quite figure out why it’s doing what it’s doing.

    Using Modularity 2.9.0 Theme on WordPress 3.0.4. When I set ‘Hide on front page’ to NO, it seems to cause the Modularity Post Slider to go from it’s usual 6 slides to 8 slides with the first two slides being blank. If I set ‘Hide on front page’ back to YES… the Post Slider goes back to it’s usual 6 slides. This obviously may be a flaw in Modularity and not in your Plugin… or a configuration issue unique to my site.

    I’m a newbie to WordPress, but thought I would point it out. I really like the functionality and features of this Plugin. Would love to get it to work properly.



  53. Hey!
    Just installed this plugin, and it seems to work great on my individual post pages, comes up at the top like I want it to, and you press, it works, but it hasn’t come up on my facebook page yet… still waiting for that. should that be instant?

    But my problem is I am trying to use the code to put the like button on the index page. I want it so that it comes up next to the ‘twit this’ button I have there already. I put the code in, right next to it, but nothing comes up! I’ve forced a reload in case it was cached, but nothing.
    Any ideas?

  54. Sorry! my bad it has come up on my facebook page, just came up as something I did on Friday… weird, but that’s cool. :)

    Still can’t get the like button to display on index.html

  55. I think it would be better if the faces option only displayed if faces existed to show, rather than having a gap under the like button if the option is on but no content exists to show.

      • I’ve been looking at the code… Is there any way to pre-fetch the content from Facebook and then construct the HTML?

      • Probably not, I’m afraid. What you can do is to use the xfbml version of the button and not set the height. This way, the white space will be more dynamic, and based on the real button height.

  56. I had to disable this plugin because it was causing a popup file to attempt to download called “xd_proxy[1].css” in IE 8. Apparently this is caused by something on fb’s end, but it is not resolved and it makes it look like my site is trying to install spyware on people’s computers. Are you aware of a resolution? I found this thread discussing the issue but could make no sense of it: http://bugs.developers.facebook.net/show_bug.cgi?id=14978.

    • I didn’t even know this problem existed (probably since I don’t use IE), so thanks for letting me know. I will have a look at the bug report and see if there is anything I can do from the plugin.

  57. Just had an issue after upgrading to 3.0.5 where on posting I had an error with the facebook plugin. Like a fool I forgot to take note of the error. The post still went through however.

      • Here is the error:

        Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/rsmarsha/public_html/mmo/wp-content/plugins/wp-facebook-like/wp-facebook-like.php:193) in /home/rsmarsha/public_html/mmo/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 890

      • It seems to be a conflict with another plugin. Are you aware of any other plugin you are using which modifies the header? If not, could you send me a list of plugins you are using?

  58. This is a really nice plugin. Unfortunately, upgrading to WP 3.05 broke it.

    I was running it on two sites but after the upgrade it does not show up on either site. Was using the like button at teh bottom of posts. Using Firebug you can see the div but nothing appears. It looks like the iframe is empty. I have tried both FBML ad iframe and no go.

    Any ideas

  59. Hi Johnny,
    Thanks for the great plugin.

    Please can I ask you about the correctly setting … Is it possible to have all the like buttons on the different WP posts to point to a single FB page? So all likes from the posts get added to the one FB page.

    Is this something to do with the OpenGraph settings? If so, what do I put in for the Apps ID and Admin?


  60. somehow the plugin seems to no longer be connected to my FB page. For instance a post that had 20 something “likes” now shows none. I deactivated and reactivated in hopes of solving the problem, to no avail. I also logged in to my wife’s FB account and tried to “like” one of my posts and only received an error message. Ideas?

    • Funny. I think I was tackling this same issue this evening. And, I think I figured it out (after trying to make it way more complicated than it needed to be). In the “Advanced Settings” section under Custom CSS Style, you can add in-line style tags. For instance, I added:


      That shifted the widget over just to the right just a bit.

      Great plugin!

  61. Is there a way to prevent WP Facebook Like from “integrating” into autogenerated (the_post loop) XML sitemaps? Google doesn’t accept it this cluttered with JavaScript and HTML tags.

    Happy user of WP Facebook Like

  62. Hi great plugin but I get an ERROR when trying to like a post:

    “The app ID “null” specified within the “fb:app_id” meta tag was invalid.”

    It looks as though this is coming from fb and they’re saying you can’t have a value of “null”. Any suggestions?


  63. Hi is there a possibility to “like” something without adding a thumbnail to the FB post? It shows up on facebook with thumbnails not related to the “liked” WP-post.

  64. Hi, i have one question important to me.
    Here is demo page http://alexa.mk/a/?category_name=cat here are listed post from the same category, there is Like button on each listed post, now when you click one of the like buttons it clicks all other buttons on other posts, it is liking the category not the post where the button is placed, the Like button is placed in the loop.php,
    please open the page and click the like button you will see what im trying to say.

    What should i do to change this so when visitor click the like button will like just the post where the button is placed.

    I hope you understand.


  65. Hej,
    great plugin!
    I use the like button with avatars in my template and it can only been seen on the single posts.
    I would ALSO like to have a small Like button inside each post on the homepage (without avatars, like you have on top of this page).
    Can you have both types? How is that done?


    • What you currently have to do is to manually add the button in your template on the front page. Please see the information above under the “Template developers” heading on how to do that.

  66. Hi J,

    Nice plugin! One question though; as I understand most plugins won’t show any fans if not logged in to Facebook.

    I.e, Visitor-> my website -> my fan page -> not logged in to fb = no img of ppl liking my fb fan page.
    *If logged in their friends would appear.
    * If no friends likes is, no images.

    I want ALL my fans to show at all times. Otherwise my page will be empty…

    Can this be done – does this plugin do the trick?



    • That is a limitation of the Facebook API. What you can do is to add “Facebook Admins” under “Advanced settings” for this plugin and follow the help text to the right. That way, you can see everyone who liked that post on Facebook.

  67. I have read some comments about the random picture this plugin picks, and I would like to hear if there is any update regarding this “problem”?

    On my site I have a lot of often unrelated small thumbnails in the footer, and the plugin will often pick one of them, which sometime looks quite stupid on facebook.

    It would be good if the plugin can choose either the first image in the post itself, or the posts thumbnail.

  68. The new “send” button doesn’t seem to be functioning properly in the plugin. I click it and it doesn’t do anything when I’m logged in to FB. When I try another browser it pops up a FB login window… after I login I get nothing if I click it again.

    • I tried this (with Chrome), and if I am logged into Facebook beforehand, the send window pops up just fine. If I am not logged in however, I get a login window, and after I login, the window remains white. When I close it and reload the page, the send window appears normally however.

      This seems to be a bug with the send button itself on the Facebook side, but I will have a look to see what’s going on. Thanks for mentioning this!

      • I’ll enable it on the blog I’m referring to so you can give it a whirl there, maybe it’s conflicting with something.


        On the bottom of the first post, and also inside posts.

        If it matters I include the button like this in my theme:
        echo wpfblike(‘layout=button_count’);

        I am also using Chrome and getting no popups, I’m logged into FB while trying.

      • Weird. It could be a combination of using iframe together with something else in your theme. Have you tried switching to the xfbml version in the settings?

      • I just noticed that you are using 20 px height in the iframe version. The send box is probably just being cut. Increase the height, or try switching to the xfbml version.

  69. The plugin isn’t working in FF, IE, and Opera.

    The “Like” button appears in Opera, but the “Send” button doesn’t.

    It doesn’t show up whatsoever for FF and IE.

  70. Hi

    Seems like there havent been any commenting on this for awhile, but I’ll try anyway!

    I installed this plugin today, but it doesnt seem to work. When I, and everyone else to for that matter, click “Like”. It show “Name likes this” and after a few seconds it resets and goes back to “Be the first to like”.

    The site: http://www.andreasfransson.com

    I’m using the iFrame thingy atm. Do you know what could be wrong?

    Best regards

      • Sorry for the replys, but it’s working now it seems.

        It was one post that messed up. Dont know why tho. Deleted it and reposted it, and now it works.
        Thanks for an awesome plugin :)

    • Facebook seems to be having intermittent problems with the Send button. Having looked a the Facebook developer’s forum, I have noticed a lot of people reporting similar issues.

      There is sadly nothing I can do, except to wait for Facebook to solve the problems with the button on their end.

      Love your biking pictures by the way. :)

  71. Hi, great plugin.
    Only problem is that when I updated it last it seems to have lost all the likes:( Yikes! Not that there was that many, but for us small websites every one counts.
    The likes are still there on facebook so am not sure what is going on.

    The other thing is that the content posted to facebook seems to have changed – before it was the first few sentences, now it is just “If you found that interesting you may also like: XXXX” and some links. This is what comes immediately before the like button on the post, so I am guessing it might be mistaking it for the title?

    Thanks for the plugin and any suggestions you might have to get back lost likes/ and or resolve the content problem.


    • The likes are tied to the permalink of the post. If you for some reason change this, the likes will disappear as well. If you however change the URL structure back, the likes should return.

      Weird, it is probably Facebook who are changing things. I will have a look.

  72. Hello, the plugin works fine but i would like to add or have the support to the og:image property.

    Can you help me, it´s really important

    Thanks for all

    best regards

  73. Fantastic plugin, thank you for sharing this.

    I have a question though, when someone “likes” a page on my blog it is using one of the ad images when posted to FB. Is there a way to change that?

    Thank you!

  74. I have received lots and lots of requests for a function to remove or change the image, so an updated version of the plugin with this functionality (together with some bugfixes) will be released as soon as possible. I’m hoping I will have enough time this weekend to finish it.

    Thank you all for your valuable input!

  75. it seems as though whenever someone likes a post , and it imports into facebook they show the pic, the title and then this weird code within description

    ‘; } }); /* ]]> */ /**/ .recentcomments a{display:inline !important;padding:0 !important;margin:0 !important;}

    How do I correct this

  76. how can I add in right side of content
    It always shows in Left side I tries adding float:right in custom CSS & also added in separate DIV but not working ! How to float it right side ?

    • I think when U use its with default settings of the plugin But U can customize it as per page template by adding options with this function If u want u can use separate layout,separate color scheme etc for diffrent page templates 😉

      & about ur 2nd query check this link: http://bit.ly/lc1zfr

    • I found some hints about what might be wrong… After I added this plugin, I started to get error/warnings from the HTML Validator plugin I use in Firefox (the site have been “perfect” before).

      And when I checked the errors, it was ten pairs of:

      line 178 column 24 – Error: is not recognized!
      line 178 column 24 – Warning: discarding unexpected

      So that’s at least why I can’t see the like-buttons… But how do I fix this into valid code that e.g Firefox 4 will show?

  77. Giving this plugin a try at the moment after using another plugin that has gotten glitchy.

    Look forward to seeing what is in the new release mentioned above (og:image). Hoping that maybe it will allow for the set of a default if featured image is not included on a post? That would be very cool and I haven’t seen a plugin with that capability of the ones I’ve tried today. The one I was using if you set og:image then it used it for every post even if you had a featured image set…

    The main thing I find missing from the one I had been using is an option on each page/post to turn off the plugin just for that page/post. The description suggests it’s there, but I gather that’s only an option if you turn it off entirely and put in the short code by hand? That’s a lot of work for a wordpress install with a lot of existing pages/posts!

    Anyway, definitely a contender of ones tried thus far today.

  78. I have installed the plug-in and set up insights on my Facebook page but when I try to check the data for how many people have liked pages it says “Looks like you haven’t set up a Like Button for your site yet!” and it tells me to get a plugin code.
    I don’t understand this because I have the like button through the plug in – is there a way I can insert into the plug-in the code that facebook gives me?

  79. Hi!

    Great plugin, thanks!

    I really wish I could hide the plugin on specific page. Is there a way to do that? other then disabling it and enabling per post and page, that would be tedious.


  80. I just started getting this error message with your plugin, how do I fix it?? “You failed to provide a valid list of administators. You need to supply the administors using either a “fb:app_id” meta tag, or using a “fb:admins” meta tag to specify a comma-delimited list of Facebook users.”

    • And here is my blog page – http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/ – the interesting things is this…it worked fine up until June 6, and then started giving me the error msg I showed you…but all previous pages it works fine on, over 500 posts where it still works….but on all NEW posts it fails….please help!!!

  81. Hi

    This plugin just saved my life, but I’m getting a wierd code next to the facebook (ilike post)

    window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({appId: 189142407802003, status: true, cookie: true, xfbml: true}); }; (function() { var e = document.createElement(‘script’); e.async = true; e.src = document.location.protocol + ‘//connect.facebook.

    What shall I do :(


  82. At our site (http://gamingbus.com) we have both the app ID and the admin ID filled out and yet we get the following error:

    You failed to provide a valid list of administators. You need to supply the administors using either a “fb:app_id” meta tag, or using a “fb:admins” meta tag to specify a comma-delimited list of Facebook users.

    I’m not sure what to do.

      • Have you guys found a solution yet? Let me know! Same thing is happening on my blog and I’d really like to fix it.

      • Same problem 4 my blog. Clicked the like button and doesnt show anything in my facebook wall. And often neither shows the count of likes…
        Anybody solved this issue? I’m pretty worried about it and would be great to solve it. Cause this plugin is one of th e most important value in my site….

  83. When people hit the like button on my web page it does not register on my facebook page. I want the likes to transfer to my facebook page – am I missing something?

  84. I’m having the same issue as Jeff and Luca: on some of my most recent posts, the Like button on the blog 1) does not show the Likes count from Faceboook and 2) does not respond when Like is clicked directly on the blog. See here: spruced.us

    Please help! This is incredibly annoying.

  85. Hi everybody.
    When i click on “i like”, on my page facebook it’s written this under the title and the link :

    ‘; winimg.document.writeln(doc); winimg.document.close(); } //]]> .w4_content_tabset{ margin:10px 0px;border:none; } .w4_content_tabset .tab_content{ padding:10px 5px; } .w4_content_tabset .tab_content_wrapper{ position:relative; overflow:hidden; border-bott

    and the image is one of my sidebar.

    Do you know how can i resolve it ?



  86. Hi

    I installed your plugin and I recognized that the send button is only visible on the start page. On all other pages there is no send button. But the like button is on all pages visible.
    I tried also other plugins and it is always the same problem.
    I suppose the permalink structure is the reason. But I am not sure.

    Can that be?



  87. Hi,

    I have a problem with this plugin. I can’t configure it correctly.
    I can click on “like” and it appears on my wall but I’ve got an error :

    “The page failed to provide a valid list of administrators. It needs to specify the administrators using either a “fb:app_id” meta tag, or using a “fb:admins” meta tag to specify a comma-delimited list of Facebook users.”

    Can you help me ?

  88. Hi There , all my friends thumbnails who liked my pages have suddenly disappeared for no reason . Wasn’t even in the control panel or updated anything.

    I had quite a few built up. Is there away to restore them easily?


  89. Works great with my One Page template. Tho I wish there was a way to get it to appear at the very bottom of the page.

  90. Hello,

    When I click like I get this below my website’s name and URL:

    E window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({appId: “”, xfbml: true}); FB.Event.subscribe(‘comment.create’, function(response) { }); }; (function() { var e = document.createElement(‘script’); e.async = true; e.src = document.location.p…

    Any tips on how to resolve this?


  91. Hello,

    At long last, a plugin with the LIKE and SEND button which is available both for posts and pages!


    I immediately installed it and it works perfectly. Well, nearly perfectly because, when one clicks on the SEND button, the dialog box is completely hidden at the bottom.and it is thus impossible to fill it up.

    Any ideas please on how I can make it visible?

    With my anticipated thanks,


    • Kaira, I got your comment by email although it does not appear here!

      You wrote: “I had the same problem. I solved it by adding the facebook api to the plugin settings. ”

      I can’t see this option to add the facebook api to the plugin settings…

      Can you please tell me hw to do it?


  92. Hello

    Firstly, thank you for the plugin :)

    I am also checking to see if anyone has managed to amend the image on the plugin, mine automatically selects a twitter logo!


  93. I installed this but why are my posts working just fine but my ‘pages’ are only pulling the link and not the title, description, etc? I view my source on the page and see the OG data, what gives? :(

  94. I customize IT & managed to insert og Image & og description
    og : image : post image if there otherwise default image
    og: description post excerpt otherwise auto generated from post content & its working gr8 now

  95. After selecting the language “automatically” in XFBML for multilingual content site Facebook is displayed. Once choosing a particular language – everything works. Can you fix it?

  96. Hello,
    I’m at a loss. I really like the plugin but it keeps throwing up a random image when someone likes my page onto their wall next to my site information, I was hoping this plugin would stop that from happening as it happens with all other facebook like plugins. It keeps throwing up a portuguese flag next as my thumbnail image, I think it’s adopted it from my translation plugin?! I’ve had a look around in plugin editor and in the facebook-like.php it says something about flags in the meta area. Does this need to be changed?
    ANY help would be gratefully received.
    Thanks a lot

    • I’m having a similar issue. Anytime someone uses the “like” button it posts to their Facebook page with the Gravatar of someone who posted on another article? I’ve tried tweeking every setting I can, and even installed another plug-in aptly named Facebook like-thumbnail to no avail.

      Please help? It’s cut down on my site’s interaction!

      Thank you!

  97. I am using the plugin. However, it is parsing weird data for the page when recommending site over facebook. I am using youtube shortcode plugin as well. Following is the text visible while recommending through your plugin:

    Hi, I have installed youtube shortcode, but it is messing up with facebook recommend thing. When I post the site name on facebook, facebook explores to URL to give following text:

    “Episode 18 Preview » Humsafar.TV (Downloads, Episodes, Bloopers, Wallpapers, Songs)
    .youtube_sc iframe.yp{display:none;}The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube.”

    Please let me know how to fix this.

  98. I don’t know if this has been answered, but is there a way to change the whole URL when people press “like” and get the title of the post instead? For example, when I press “like” on one of my posts, a box comes up with “You like http://whatever.com/wordpress/?p=4.Unlike” and a comments box. Is there a way to change this to the title of the post?

    Thanks :)

  99. Hey Johnny,
    Great app man, thanks for the hard work. One problem though, The like button doesn’t appear on IE8. It works fine on Safari, FF, and Opra, but not IE8. I just doesn’t appear. I’m using WordPress 3.3.1 with twenty-eleven theme. Any advice will be appreciated.


  100. The plugin works great and it was so easy to use but I have one question:

    When you are on our site and you click all the way through to a large image of a single buckle and then you hit the like button it posts to your wall but it picks a random image not the one you were looking at. Can I change this so the image on Facebook matches the image that was on the website?

  101. When I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on
    whenever a comment is added I get 4 emails with the same comment.
    There has to be a means you are able to remove me from that service?


  102. Hej, thank you for that great plug-in. But since yesterday, without any modification from myself, the Facebook Button is not shown anymore on the front page of my blog. I don’t know what happened any still can’t repair that problem.
    I’m hoping for your support. Thank you very much. corinna

  103. Your plugin has been working fine for almost 2 years on my blog – now as of last week it has stopped functioning and does not show anywhere on any posts or pages on my blog. No changes to my blog – no WP updates – Any idea why? If it was working then suddenly stops – 1 week now, I do not see how upgrading WP to 3.4.1 would fix it

    • That doesn’t look good, but it sounds like a Facebook problem. I am away on vacation right now, but will check it out as soon as I get back. Which site are you using the plugin on? (you can email me using the contact page if you want that to be private)

      • I uni8nstalled and reinstalled the plugin and now am getting all kinds of error messages! Including Fatal error: Call to undefined function flush_rewrite_rules() in /homepages/8/d229536352/htdocs/basewp/wp-content/plugins/facebook/fb-core.php on line 188
        I cannot even login to my admin page now and clear out the plugin…

  104. As of just recently I noticed the following issue:
    When logged into Facebook and i visit my blog on Firefox the like button and count shows fine.
    However, when not logged into facebook and i visit my blog in Firefox, the like button is not there.
    This just happened as of recently with no changes on my end.

  105. Hi,

    Your plugin worked for less than a year. One of your updates made it completely disappear! I can’t seem to get it back. I have a google+ and tweet button installed on my posts. Not sure if there is a compatibility issue.

    I have the Blogolife version 2.0 theme for wordpress by wplook.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  106. After working for a long time, your plugin stopped working yesterday. The Like area is entirely blank in both IE 9 and Firefox 14. I haven’t installed anything new in WP to make it incompatible. I’m logged into Facebook and have it open. Do you know what it is and how to fix it?

      • And me, haven’t changed anything, then all of a sudden it just stopped displaying a few days ago, I was wondering if Facebook have changed their api which caused the problem?

  107. To add og:image functionality, just edit wp-facebook-like.php:

    after line 135 add
    $thumb = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id($post->ID), ‘single-thumb’ );
    echo “\r\n”;

    replace ‘single-thumb’ with the size you want …
    That’s it! :)

  108. Hi,
    first of all i really like your plugin.
    but i have found a bug that is really needed to be fixed.
    the bug comes up if you choose under the basic settings “button count” option for “Layout”. if you hit the like button with these settings the share area is too small.
    please fix it and sorry for my bad english…

  109. question,

    After liking the page, it wil display on my facebook site the default picture of the theme from the website.

    What can i do about this? Ik want to show the new header picture.

  110. The plugin has been updated and should work once again when you update to 1.5.2.

    I will start up development again and incorporate the latest features from the Facebook API as well as address the issues everyone have experienced within the coming weeks.

    I’m very grateful that so many people stick around and use the plugin. Thanks!


  111. Hi – is there a way you can help me with this plugin? I would like to add the like box to a foot widget.. in short code probably… I would like the the box to be linked to one specific page – but to show the counter as the same value for every page as it will be in a footer. So when the box is ticked – the link shows as liking a particular page regardless of which page the box was ticked on. I found this on Really Simple Facebook and Twitter button plugin – but now for some reason it is not working with the latest WordPress. I only have 16 counts at the moment – but would like to keep if possible. Is this something you could do? Many thanks.

    • Hi Carol, Sorry but this plugin currently doesn’t support this kind of widget but may do so in the future. I’m sure that some of the other plugins support this though. :)