Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer’s Body (2009) is the story about a nerdy bookworm called “Needy” (Amanda Seyfried) and a beautiful cheerleader, Jennifer (Megan Fox), who also happen to be best friends. After a fire at a local bar, Jennifer is abducted by the band who played at the bar. When Jennifer returned, she has changed. While still holding true to her friendship with Needy, she has a sudden taste for blood.

This movie is a decent teen/horror/comedy movie where the acting of Fox and Seyfried really lift the movie from the otherwise dubious story. While the premise of a high-school cheerleader turning evil is not bad, the execution is not quite there.

Don’t get me wrong, it is still an entertaining movie, but it lacks something that can’t be expressed — it could just have been more.

The Descent: Part 2

The Descent: Part 2 picks up immediately after The Decent left off, with Sarah just having survived the cave system. She later has to return against her will with the police and other people to find her friends.

If you have seen the first movie, you already know what is going to happen. They did not bring anything new into the mix, but instead continued on the old blood-spattered trail and revisited old scenes and deaths. For some reason, the movie was more focused on jump scares and monster cries, when they instead could have further developed the sense of claustrophobia, darkness and loneliness that the first movie conveyed in a very interesting way.

The special effects were somewhat weird too, like no one of the crew have seen how blood looks like. The color and consistency reminded more of a can of tomato soup than blood. Other than that, most things looked about the same as the first one, but with worse feeling.

This is a classic horror sequel, just playing along with the same storyline without adding anything into the mix.


I recently saw Pandorum, a movie about a few people who wake up on a space ship, with no knowledge about how they got there and what they are doing, not even who they are.

While trying to get the ship working, they make a horrific discovery. They soon realize that they are not alone, and that dangers are lurking in the inner parts of the ship.

First off, there are quite a few similarities with other movies of this genre, in particular Alien and The Descent but there was for a short while, there were even some hints from Cube. The movie is all about closed and claustrophobic tunnels and spaces with dangers lurking around every corner.

The story line is in its essence quite basic, but the fast action and plot twists makes it so much more. What could just as well have been a vanilla semi-horror movie set in space, becomes something completely different. It holds its own all the way though to the end.

The scenes and special effects are great, and the environment is not as dark as one might think. It is not like Doom, where it is just pitch black throughout the movie. There are some jump-up-from-your-seat moments though, make no mistake. The dynamics of the movie ranging from cut-throat action (literally) to humor and even love makes it interesting up until the end — for an exception in the middle part where the movie lost its momentum slightly.

The movie ends with some interesting plot twists which makes one think. It is not the classic über-alien in the end, but instead something very different.

Shaun of the Dead

The time has finally come for me to see Shaun of the Dead, the instant zombie cult classic. This is a movie about Shaun, who is not getting along very well with his girlfriend Liz. This was partly because of the simple fact that Shaun was a loser who did nothing but sit in a pub and drink beer with his friend from school, not caring about anything.

Suddenly things start happening — people start acting weird, and this takes Shaun and his friends on a journey of insight and naturally lots of killing.

I really enjoyed this movie, and there are lots of subtle and not so subtle hints and messages. There is the fact that people seemed to act like zombies, even though they weren’t. It gets the mind going on about seizing the day and making the most of it, instead of just walking around in a monotone day-to-day life.

The mirror effect when the gang met up with Yvonne and her people was amazing, and there were many times when I just laughed out loud. Not bad for a rom-zom-com, or is it rom-com-zom?

One thing I noticed was how good the makeup and visual effects were. It didn’t feel like B movie, the way most zombie movies do. The movie is perhaps not for everyone though, since this is a British movie, you have to appreciate their sense of humor and culture, but who doesn’t?

The Machine Girl

I just watched The Machine Girl (Kataude mashin gâru), a japanese action/gore movie about an orphaned brother and sister. Despite the terrible loss of their parents, the tragedy do not stop there. The sister, a normal teenage girl, suddenly finds herself in the middle of a lethal cat and mouse game, which can only end one way.

If you love blood and gore, this movie delivers high-pressure blood enough to fill a small lake — but with a comic twist. It gives a slight reminder of samurai movies from the 70’s, where blood were shooting out from severed limbs like geysers. No exception here, the movie features just about any extremity that can be severed on a body from hands and fingers, to feet and heads.

They could have done without the excessive CGI though, since they are horrible and only draw attention away from the story and the characters. Even though this, being a gore movie, is considered a B movie, the main characters have a resonable depth behind them, and you feel for them as they experience all the terrible trauma.

It was interesting to see that they incorporated Hattori Hanzo, the famous japanese samurai, mentioned in films like Kill Bill.

Dead Snow

I just saw Dead Snow (Død snø), which is a zombie/gore/comedy movie from our friends in Norway. Given the plot of teens being attacked by nazi zombies, I did not have high expectations for this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised! There were some weird plot holes though, for instance where one of the characters lit a torch in a cave, even though you see him exit the very same cave moments before.

Despite all this, this is a movie to be seen if you are into the horror/gore genre and like seeing zombies (and people) having their guts ripped out of the body with a chainsaw or just some bare zombie hands.

It is most definitely the most refreshing take on the zombie genre for a while, and it proudly borrows many details from classics such as Braindead and The Evil Dead.