India 2015

I recently took a trip to India to visit some relatives and while I did bring my camera, I did not go all-out on taking photos during this trip. I did take some though and this gallery is a selection of them. Some photos are taken with my iPhone, others with the main Nikon camera.

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Back from India

I have been back from the trip a while now, and I have uploaded some images to the gallery. Most images are from the Himalayas, but there are a few pictures from around as well.

India 2008

Heading to India

I earlier wrote that I am going on a trip tomorrow. I am indeed, and I am going to India. It will be very interesting to see what things look like now that ten years have passed since my last visit.

There are a few things I always look up when going abroad, and the first is their electrical status. Needing electricity to power the laptop, charge the phone, camera and many other things make it quite important. The website Electricity around the world makes it very easy to just select the country and look at the plugs and sockets to determine what to bring.

The next step is to determine whether the transformers for all equipment are rated for the country. Since most transformers are rated for 110 to 240 volts and a frequency between 50 and 60 Hz, there are rarely any problems with just sticking the transformer into an adapter and directly in the socket.

A good pair of sun glasses is also extremely necessary when travelling to warm countries. I just picked up a new pair of glasses which cover the eyes perfectly from all directions. This should hopefully make it easier to see when the tropical sun pours its wrath upon the earth.

I was thinking about bringing my Tomtom Rider GPS, but it seems that there are no Tomtom maps of India! It’s very strange but I guess it will come in a not so distant future.

Except for the mobile phone and clothes, passport and tickets, there is just the camera left to pack. I have a Canon Powershot S80 for these kind of purposes. It’s fairly light-weight while still having the necessary features for taking decent images. Running out of batteries or memory is not too exciting, so I always carry an extra battery pack and memory card when I know that there will be many photos taken.