Worldwide Photo Walk 2015

I have attended the Worldwide Photowalk several years now (last year), but this is the first time during midday. Sadly, that shows quite a lot in the photos with their harsh shadows and bad contrast. It was a lot of fun however, and I’m already looking forward to the next time! Continue reading

Autumn Photowalk 2014

After the recent 500px photo walk, a lot of people thought it would be great to continue doing these walks, so a Stockholm photo walk group was started.

Fall is upon us in Sweden, and the leaves are soon starting to to turn blood red. The color transformation has just started, and these are my photos from the Autumn Walk.

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The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk

I talked about the Worldwide Photo Walk earlier, and I ended up going to the “early bird” walk which started at 4 in the morning. More people turned up than I expected and it was all great fun! All pictures taken on the walk and entered in the competition can be enjoyed at the official Early bird Photo Walk website.

Everyone are allowed to enter two images in the competition, so the following additional pictures are taken at the same time.

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The Worldwide Photo Walk social event

I recently encountered the annual Worldwide Photo Walk and it all starts this Saturday (July 18, 2009). It is a free event where volunteers lead a bunch of people (limited to 50 per city) on a predetermined route which lasts around two hours. Although it is indeed a free event, there are some very worthwhile prizes waiting for a few lucky winners!

It would have been fun attending the one being held right here in Stockholm, but being late to the party, all spots are taken ages ago.

There is an early bird walk being held here too where there still are a few spots left, but since it starts as early as 04:00, I am guessing that it will not be filled up quite as fast.