WP Facebook Like 1.3.1 released

Version 1.3.1 of WP Facebook Like, the WordPress plugin for easily integrating the Facebook Like button with your site, is now out! Changes include:

  • Added support for disabling the automatic inclusion of the Facebook Javascript SDK.
  • Added full Facebook language support.
  • Added support for Facebook Open Graph.

You can now get the button in Pirate English, Upside Down English and Klingon in addition to all the “normal” languages.

    WP Facebook Like 1.2.0 released

    A new version of WP Facebook Like, the WordPress plugin which integrates the Facebook Like button has been released!

    The only new feature for this release is the ability to enter a Facebook Application ID, which enables the comment box, if you choose the XFBML version of the like button. More information on how to enable this feature can be found in the options panel of the plugin.

    The Facebook Like plugin updated with new options

    I have updated the WordPress Facebook Like plugin once again, now pushing the version to 1.0.3. The changes include:

    • Choose between the xfbml or iframe embedding method (xfbml is default)
    • Choose the button text
    • CSS class description

    This basically means that if you have problems with the xfbml because of other plugins, you can try out the alternate “iframe” embedding method just by changing a setting in the options page. It is also now possible to alternate the text of the like button between “Like” and “Recommend”.

    The button is wrapped around a div with the wpfblike class if you want to do custom positioning and styling.

    Update: I pushed an emergency fix with version 1.0.4 containing a fix for Internet Explorer. Thanks to JAH for noticing.

    Updated the Facebook Like button for WordPress

    The WP Facebook Like plugin for WordPress has just been updated to version 1.0.2. Changes include an improved options page, and the plugin now inserts a button at the end of the post by default.

    There is still the option to use the short tag or the PHP function directly if you are a theme developer and want to precisely control where the button will reside.

    Facebook Like plugin for WordPress released

    I just finished a new plugin for WordPress called WP Facebook Like, which implements the new “like” feature in Facebook, where you can like any page which has implemented this function.

    A live demo can be seen on this very site. There should be a like button for every post and when you click it, an entry will show up in your profile, linking to the very post you liked.

    iPhone App: PayPal

    PayPal recently released an iPhone app for sending and receiving money. You may request and send money to other PayPal users, as well as view your payment history and withdraw money from your account. There is also a cool feature for making it super easy to split a check with any number of people!

    There is even a novelty feature where two people who are both using the app can bump their phones together to automatically pair them for easy money transfer. It uses the GPS to get the location of nearby iPhones and the bump time to find the correct one.

    This is a great way for handling money among friends, and it is super easy too! It really makes it possible to be without cash and transfer money electronically without using credit cards — most friends probably don’t have their own card swiping machine.

    A first look at Facebook 3.0 for iPhone

    The highly anticipated 3.0 release of the Facebook application for the iPhone has just arrived in the AppStore. Here is a quick look at the new features. And if your phone can’t find the update, delete the old version and install it from scratch until the Apple servers have updated their cache.

    The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk

    I talked about the Worldwide Photo Walk earlier, and I ended up going to the “early bird” walk which started at 4 in the morning. More people turned up than I expected and it was all great fun! All pictures taken on the walk and entered in the competition can be enjoyed at the official Early bird Photo Walk website.

    Everyone are allowed to enter two images in the competition, so the following additional pictures are taken at the same time.

    Continue reading

    The Worldwide Photo Walk social event

    I recently encountered the annual Worldwide Photo Walk and it all starts this Saturday (July 18, 2009). It is a free event where volunteers lead a bunch of people (limited to 50 per city) on a predetermined route which lasts around two hours. Although it is indeed a free event, there are some very worthwhile prizes waiting for a few lucky winners!

    It would have been fun attending the one being held right here in Stockholm, but being late to the party, all spots are taken ages ago.

    There is an early bird walk being held here too where there still are a few spots left, but since it starts as early as 04:00, I am guessing that it will not be filled up quite as fast.

    Spotify — the future of music

    Spotify, now in public beta, takes a whole new approach to music. All music resides on the Spotify servers, and as a user, you stream the music using the internet.

    Where it gets interesting is that you can either pay a fixed fee and listen all music you want without any interruptions. There is also a free option, where short commercial messages are inserted between songs in intervals which seem to be around half an hour.

    Since the software is in public beta, you need an invite to use the service. If I happen to have an invite, I will of course share it with commenters to this post. There is another option though — paying for the service for a month. If you like the service after using it for a month, just continue paying or terminate the subscription. Your account will then become a free account, and you can continue to use Spotify, but with the ads injected.

    There is a Windows and Mac client available at this moment. There have been reports that the Windows version works fine in Linux using Wine, so definitely try it out.

    So how does is look like? The following view shows what is new in Spotify.

    The next image shows the top list. This can be customised to only show a specific country or the whole world.

    The main album view looks like the following. On the top, there are five top hits for that particular artist. It is followed by all albums available, and singles follow. The next section is devoted to albums where the current artist has one or more tracks, which are highlighted.

    I have some suggestions to make Spotify even better (in no particular order):

    • Last.FM integration.
    • Music browser (browse by genre, year, artists etc.).
    • Mechanism to correct faulty tags.
    • Social part where users can share songs, playlists and watch each others listening habits.
    • iPhone application

    Some of these points seem to be in progress right now, but time will have to tell what will happen in the future when the services goes mainstream, which I am sure they will, as long as they can provide a smooth service without interruptions and errors.