Inbox Processing with David Allen

David Allen gives a rare glimpse inside his own office, demonstrating how he processes his paper inbox. You’ll see real examples transforming stuff into clarified actions and reference.

An interesting video where David empties his own physical in-basket using eProductivity for Lotus Notes and Evernote for reference material. It seems he struggles like everyone else with certain gray-zone items, and that he is also using Evernote for reference just like me.

Voddler relaunched

Voddler, the hot movie hub, recently closed their gates after their service had been compromised. They have now just relaunched, sporting a completely new interface, where the biggest difference is the Voddler client being moved to the web. The reasoning for this according to official sources, is to make Voddler more accessible, since the original client did not have mouse support and was perhaps not too user friendly.

The first thing I noticed with the new client is that Flash is being used to play movies, leading to considerable lag when high resolution videos are played on a Mac. The reason for this is that Flash can not access the graphics hardware directly on Mac OS yet, but Flash 10.1 beta is fortunately addressing this issue.

Another problem with using a web player instead of the old client is that using Voddler as HTPC service is much harder, as a media center application has to support using a remote to navigate.

I am looking forward to really try out all parts of the service, and I hope that it can find a permanent place on my HTPC in the future.