Chromatic produces balanced photo galleries

Ever since we started working on Chromatic we knew we wanted the photos to be as big as possible. No tiny thumbnails, no square-cropping, no wasting of precious screen real estate.

Creating great looking photo galleries is always a challenge, but Johannes Treitz writes about an approach to make it happen. The end result is, a service where you can upload your photos and have beautiful looking galleries created for you.

Fixed Articles plugin for WordPress

I am a big fan of the Articles plugin by Alex King. The plugin has sadly stopped working in the last couple of WordPress versions. I have modified it to work with the current version (2.7), and you can download the modified version below.

You can see the articles plugin in action in my articles page. I still need to find and tag all posts which should be included in the list, but you get the idea.

Just replace the original articles.php with the following file to make it work again.


WordPress 2.7 released

WordPress 2.7 was recently released, and now even I have made the upgrade! If you follow my blog, you probably know that I just love WordPress (even with the bugs in Safari), and with the 2.7 upgrade it has gotten even better!

The whole admin backend is completely rewritten to among other things make it faster to navigate. The WordPress blog writes the following about the 2.7 version:

The first thing you’ll notice about 2.7 is its new interface. From the top down, we’ve listened to your feedback and thought deeply about the design and the result is a WordPress that’s just plain faster. Nearly every task you do on your blog will take fewer clicks and be faster in 2.7 than it did in a previous version.

Next you’ll begin to notice the new features subtly sprinkled through the new interface: the new dashboard that you can arrange with drag and drop to put the things most important to you on top, QuickPress, comment threading, paging, and the ability to reply to comments from your dashboard, the ability to install any plugin directly from with a single click, and sticky posts.

Upgrading to the newest release was easy as ever, since I track the Subversion tree. I just run the “svn switch” command, and presto — Subversion changes the release!

The following video shows more new features in the new admin interface, such as one-click WordPress upgrade and changeable interface.

So go ahead and download WordPress now!

Spam fighting using Bad Behaviour

Since I will be gone from the internet for a while, I need something to make the Akismet spam list smaller. Otherwise I will definitely miss something good.

I decided to try Bad Behaviour, which seems to be working. It will be running during the day and if it works as expected, it’s here to stay.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.6

So I have just updated my blog to WordPress 2.6, and it was a very easy transition. Since I’m tracking the Subversion tree, all I have to do is:

svn sw .

More information on how to trach WordPress using Subversion is available in their documentation.

Everything seems to be working except for is_human(), but since I’m using Akismet for the time being, there is no rush to find a replacement. There seems to be quite a few plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory though, so I have to look through them.

Using is_human(), a new captcha function

There have been reports on problems with the comment CAPTCHA used on this site, so I have switched it to an image based one. There were problems when using it together with WP Super Cache.

I am now trying out is_human(), so there might be some problems for a couple of hours, as well as some asthetical issues.

Updating WordPress to 2.5

I am in the process of updating wordpress to 2.5, which might lead to some interesting errors or other strange things. Hopefully most things will go smoothly though.

It seems that it won’t display the static pages for some reason, but other things seems to be working fine.

Firefox takes the lead in interesting browser statistics

I extracted some interesting statistics from my website earlier. The website of course appeals to Linux users, which could explain the statistics.


I am very happy to see that the Firefox usage is over 70%. I would have liked to see some more Opera users, but 6% is actually not that bad, especially after the Opera bug in my earlier theme. It would be very interesting to see the statistics from a large website like Digg or Slashdot.

How does the browser statistics look on your website?

Updated design for simplicity and compatibility

I changed the website theme and overall feel to a much simpler and easier to use design. It should also be rid of the nasty Opera bug that people are talking about. Additionally, I can finally upgrade to the latest WordPress branch without everything breaking!

There are some new features in the background as well. Some important WordPress plugins include:

I’m sure that there will be some rough edges here and there, like missing CSS for code snippets etc., but that will of course be solved as soon as possible.