WP Facebook Like 1.5.1 released

WP Facebook Like 1.5.1 has now been released, containing two new features among other bugfixes. It is now possible to disable the like button by creating a custom setting for that specific post or page and setting wpfblike to false.

The other feature is the inclusion of the new Send button available from Facebook. When enabling this new button in the settings, it will show you a new button alongside the old Like button.

This new button makes it easy to privately share content to friends and family without having to post it on your public wall for everyone to see.

[Download Now]

WP Facebook Like 1.5.0 beta out for testing

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this new feature, and a beta version of the new WP Facebook Like 1.5.0 has been released. The new version lets you turn off the button on specific posts and pages by creating a custom value like this:

Do note that this is a beta version and things may change a bit before the release, but the final version is scheduled to come out later this week.

[Download WP Facebook Like 1.5.0 BETA]

Facebook Like Error

The like button seems to be having some issues at the moment. If you create a new post and like it, the button will sometimes revert back to being unliked when clicked. I took a peek into the inner workings of the button, and there is in fact an error being returned by Facebook, even though it is not displayed by the button.

The important lines from the returned JSON object returned by Facebook says that there is an internal error, which means that there is nothing to be done about the problem from the client side.

“There was an internal error when updating the Page.”

So hold tight and wait for the Facebook team to resolve the issue. I have replied to a thread in the Facebook developers forum and there are lots of other people also having this problem.

Follow the wpfblike(rss) tag or the main feed for updates regarding this issue.

WP Facebook Like 1.4.0 released!

I am pleased to announce the release of a new version of the WP Facebook Like plugin for WordPress! The plugin lets bloggers easily create a Facebook Like button for their posts. Changes from the previous version include:

  • Added options for choosing to insert the button in pages and/or posts.
  • Added a check to verify that the correct PHP version is used when activating. (PHP>=5 supported).
  • Added settings link from the plugin list. (thanks udi86!)
  • Added an automatic language detector, which is now the default. (thanks udi86!)
  • Added Open Graph admins property, which will create a Facebook page for your current article.

I will go into the details of the update below, but if you are in a hurry, just download the new version, or wait for WordPress to automatically detect the new version and offer to upgrade automatically.

Options for inserting the button on posts and/or pages

There are a couple of new settings for enabling the automatic insertion of the button in pages and posts. Earlier, it was only possible to choose whether the button should appear on the front page or not. Now you can, in addition, control whether to show the button on normal posts and pages.

The new options are the first step for adding support for having the button in individual posts and pages.

Added new Open Graph headers

The new version will also insert new Open Graph headers, which are og:type and fb:admin. This lets you enter your Facebook user ID in the options, which will make you the admin of the current page. When you write a new post, just click the like button (you can unclick it right away). This will give you a page on Facebook where you can see who has liked your page and it lets you send them messages.

To get to this admin page, just select the admin link next to the like button.

Note that if you use the button_count layout, you will not see the admin link. Just go to Pages You Admin on Facebook to see all pages.

What are you waiting for? Download it now!

Facebook Like plugin for WordPress updated

My Facebook Like plugin for WordPress has just been updated to version 1.3.6, and includes the following changes since 1.3.1:

  • Added support for entering a custom CSS style.
  • Added support for passing custom arguments from the template tag.
  • Added an option to use the default Facebook height. Just leave the height option blank in the settings for this to take effect.
  • Added support for entering a custom height for the like button, which can be used to trim excess whitespace after the button.

Contact me if you have any suggestions or bug reports.

WP Facebook Like 1.3.1 released

Version 1.3.1 of WP Facebook Like, the WordPress plugin for easily integrating the Facebook Like button with your site, is now out! Changes include:

  • Added support for disabling the automatic inclusion of the Facebook Javascript SDK.
  • Added full Facebook language support.
  • Added support for Facebook Open Graph.

You can now get the button in Pirate English, Upside Down English and Klingon in addition to all the “normal” languages.

    WP Facebook Like 1.1.0 released

    A new version of WP Facebook Like, the WordPress plugin to integrate the Facebook “Like” button with your blog has been released. This is a feature release and changes include:

    • Added option to choose permalink type. Good if you want the button outside the WordPress loop
    • Added help text to all settings on the options page to make it easier to know what to do
    • Added support for internationalization. To contribute a translation, contact me at the the plugin website.
    • Added option to choose to only show the like button on single posts.
    • Fixed Removed double URL encoding
    New Options page

    New Options page

    As always, contact me if you encounter any issues or want to request a feature.