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I just watched The Machine Girl (Kataude mashin gâru), a japanese action/gore movie about an orphaned brother and sister. Despite the terrible loss of their parents, the tragedy do not stop there. The sister, a normal teenage girl, suddenly finds herself in the middle of a lethal cat and mouse game, which can only end one way.

If you love blood and gore, this movie delivers high-pressure blood enough to fill a small lake — but with a comic twist. It gives a slight reminder of samurai movies from the 70’s, where blood were shooting out from severed limbs like geysers. No exception here, the movie features just about any extremity that can be severed on a body from hands and fingers, to feet and heads.

They could have done without the excessive CGI though, since they are horrible and only draw attention away from the story and the characters. Even though this, being a gore movie, is considered a B movie, the main characters have a resonable depth behind them, and you feel for them as they experience all the terrible trauma.

It was interesting to see that they incorporated Hattori Hanzo, the famous japanese samurai, mentioned in films like Kill Bill.