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I recently watched Up, an animated adventure by Pixar surrounding an old man called Carl Fredricksen. He sets out to fulfill his life-long dream to visit South America. After departing with his house (!), he finds out that he is not alone.

This is a heartfelt and deep story, deviating somewhat from other Pixar movies, except for WALL·E. It deals with death in a more profound way, making it more tangible. The main characters are few, but their background detailed. This is especially noticed in the beginning where the entire life story of Mr. Fredricksen is laid out. This leads to a very strong emotional connection though-out the movie, breaking some new ground for Pixar.

The attention to detail is amazing, and there is the basic story and funny moments for all kids. The other side however, is remarkably deep, which I mentioned earlier. This is a must-see for everyone in the family!