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Buffer Ditching the Office Completely

Buffer have shut down their office in favor of just doing remote work.

How do we work now? Pretty much the same way we did before: All around the world, from homes, coffee shops and coworking spaces. Those in San Francisco who worked in the office now have moved into coworking spaces, which Buffer pays for as part of our team perks. We’ve also opened up some discussion about paying for a monthly coffee shop allowance for teammates who prefer that environment to a true coworking space.

If there is a remote working culture and that there are tool and practices that support this kind of work, it’s probably a lot better letting everyone decide where they feel the most productive. Just cramming all employees together in an open office space for the sake of control1 just isn’t necessary anymore.

Source: We’re Ditching the Office Completely: Here’s Why

  1. With control, I mean the illusion of control. Is it worth sacrificing productivity for local presence?