Worldwide Photo Walk 2015

I have attended the Worldwide Photowalk several years now (last year), but this is the first time during midday. Sadly, that shows quite a lot in the photos with their harsh shadows and bad contrast. It was a lot of fun however, and I’m already looking forward to the next time! Continue reading

India 2015

I recently took a trip to India to visit some relatives and while I did bring my camera, I did not go all-out on taking photos during this trip. I did take some though and this gallery is a selection of them. Some photos are taken with my iPhone, others with the main Nikon camera.

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Venice, Italy 2014

I visited Venice, Italy a few weeks ago and it is an amazing city, full of life, culture and yes, water. The weather was excellent and the wine tasted divine. Substituting roads and buses for canals and vaporettos is something I could get used to on a permanent basis.

Here are some of the photos I captured during my time there. There is lots to see there, and the architecture is amazing. The only thing I regret photo-related, is taking more detail shots of all the small things that made the trip personal.

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Autumn Photowalk 2014

After the recent 500px photo walk, a lot of people thought it would be great to continue doing these walks, so a Stockholm photo walk group was started.

Fall is upon us in Sweden, and the leaves are soon starting to to turn blood red. The color transformation has just started, and these are my photos from the Autumn Walk.

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