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Install Windows 10 on a Mac

I just upgraded Windows on my Macbook Pro from Windows 7 to Windows 10, taking up on the free upgrade offer. What I assumed would happen, and did, was that the hardware wouldn’t be supported since Apple haven’t released the official Bootcamp drivers supporting Windows 10 yet.

After installing Windows 101 and noticing that I was unable to right-click using the trackpad, and that there was not sound available, I tried downloading the latest Bootcamp drivers, but was only greeted by this friendly message when trying to install them:

This version of Boot Camp is not intended for this computer model.

After some trial-and-error, and connecting my Logitech G700 gaming mouse providing me with the ability to right-click, I found a solution that seems to work great: Just make the installer ignore the checks!

Start by downloading the current Bootcamp drivers and unpack them somewhere. Then download InstEd It and open the BootCamp/Drivers/Apple/BootCamp.msi file using the application. Find the table called LaunchCondition and select Drop table2. Save the file and run the BootCamp.msi from within Windows and it should start installing the drivers! Reboot when prompted and you should be all set!

  1. If you can’t get the “Upgrade to Windows 10” icon to pop up on your earlier Windows version, just download the Media Creation Tool from the PC you want to upgrade, and select “Upgrade this PC” when prompted. 

  2. The source for the correct table: D#MZ