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iOS is growing up

As I was recently writing something on my iPad using a Bluetooth keyboard, I realized that I am actually starting to feel right at home using it as a real computer. The tipping point was the cmd+tab app switcher, which feels like the most natural thing in the world1, and finally makes app switching effortless and almost to the point of being joyful.


Other shortcuts, such as cmd+space for starting a Spotlight search works instantly as well. Apple have even added support for starting the topmost app when pressing enter, which removes a lot of the overhead when searching for something using Spotlight.

This in addition to the iPad Pro being released, an iPad and keyboard combo will be enough of a computer for just about anyone except, sadly, maybe for developers and other creative professionals which have different requirements2. I’m sure that this will change going forward and the iPad becoming ever more mature and useful.

For now, I’m only waiting for Apple to release a Swedish version of the iPad Pro keyboard, which I guess won’t happen until the next iteration of the large Pro.

  1. In fact, the app switcher feels more natural than the one on the Mac, and resembles the Windows implementation a lot more. 
  2. Sure, using a server to do the heavy lifting is an option, but it would be terrific if iOS acquired support for VirtualBox or similar technology, which would enable running any kind of development stack locally.