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I just watched Moon, a mystery/scifi/thriller about astronaut Sam Bell, who is at the end of a three year long mission on the moon. His only companion is a HAL-like computer called GERTI. While being a robot, he is very helpful to Sam and helps him cope with the loneliness and the ache of mission his wife. Because of problems with the communication to earth, he spends lots of time talking to himself or his plants.

While being out on a mission on the surface of the moon however, Sam has an accident which knocks him out. When waking up in the moon base, he decides to go back to the accident site, where he makes a discovery which leads him to question his sanity and identity.

From the classic plot theme, it is obvious that the writer has borrowed from classics such as Alien and 2001: A Space Odyssey, but the story truly stands on it own. It digs deep into what it means to be human, and in solitude. It explores matters such as corporate greed, scientific ethics and compassion.

Even though this is labelled a sci-fi movie, do not watch it expecting lasers, warp drives and worm holes. Being set on the moon of course brings the essence of space travel and technology not yet available. However, think of it more as a mystery than a sci-fi movie, and you will definitely not leave the theater/couch dissatisfied — on the contrary, this is one of the better movies of this genre in a long time!