Drottningholm’s Castle
Sci-fi fair Stockholm 2010
I went to see my first ever sci-fi fair this weekend and it had all the things you would expect
Gamex 2010
Gamex 2010 is new meeting place for console and computer games where you can try the latest and greatest, as
Brighton 2010
Brighton somehow conveys the feeling of vintage, so the post-processing of these photos are made to reflect the feeling of
Caught on camera with the VFR
I was out with some friends and we drove on a popular motorcycle road called “bulten”, and I was apparently
Dustin Home Expo 2010
I snapped a few pictures from Dustin Home Expo 2010 with my iPhone. This was the annual expo from Dustin
Geekmeet Stockholm 2010 #1
I just realized that I forgot to upload the photos from Geekmeet a while ago, so here they are. The
Ludvika in the summer
A couple of pictures from the small town Ludvika in the middle of Sweden.
Animals in Skansen
A set with animals from Skansen, in Stockholm.
England 2009
I recently went to England for a week, and I of course brought the camera. The following are some of