Saying hello to Ghost

I recently made the decision to move this blog from WordPress to Ghost. It was a big decision, since I have been running on WordPress for the past 15 years, and I love the philosophy, company and people behind it.

Given that the blog hasn’t been active for the past few years, there was nothing to lose by trying. I would instead gain a simpler way of keeping everything updated and secure, and by the limited feature set of Ghost compared to WordPress, there are a lot less knobs to tweak, meaning any time spent will be put towards content and not administration.

The move itself was straightforward, as there is a Ghost export plugin for WordPress. While the export contains all contents, it doesn't move images, which meant that there was a lot of work involved manually adding back all photos from the old blog. I also didn't move any of the posts that were not relevant anymore.

As for the result, I'm happy with how things are working after the move, but I'm sure there will be quirks waiting to be uncovered as I want to customize some things in the future.