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The time has finally come for me to see Shaun of the Dead, the instant zombie cult classic. This is a movie about Shaun, who is not getting along very well with his girlfriend Liz. This was partly because of the simple fact that Shaun was a loser who did nothing but sit in a pub and drink beer with his friend from school, not caring about anything.

Suddenly things start happening — people start acting weird, and this takes Shaun and his friends on a journey of insight and naturally lots of killing.

I really enjoyed this movie, and there are lots of subtle and not so subtle hints and messages. There is the fact that people seemed to act like zombies, even though they weren’t. It gets the mind going on about seizing the day and making the most of it, instead of just walking around in a monotone day-to-day life.

The mirror effect when the gang met up with Yvonne and her people was amazing, and there were many times when I just laughed out loud. Not bad for a rom-zom-com, or is it rom-com-zom?

One thing I noticed was how good the makeup and visual effects were. It didn’t feel like B movie, the way most zombie movies do. The movie is perhaps not for everyone though, since this is a British movie, you have to appreciate their sense of humor and culture, but who doesn’t?