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Apple recently rolled out iOS 9 in their major markets, but it might take a few more hours or days before other countries receive the update. If you want to know when you could receive the new Apple OS update based on your country, check the list published by IB Times.

The company’s new devices (iPhone 6 and 6s Plus, iPad Pro, and iPad Mini 4) will come pre-loaded with said mobile system. Between the two new iPhones, the iPhone 6s Plus is more ideal if you are into mobile productivity. Although the features may be the same, O2 noted that the 6s Plus version has a bigger screen at 5.5 inches, which means that you are given more space to work with than the previous 4.7 inch display. This is necessary if you are to use the split screen view or if you access the productivity suite in iOS 9, because admit it, it’s difficult to make slide presentations on such a small screen.

Being the productivity geek that I am, I instantly downloaded the update to see for myself the new updated features and functions that fits my busy lifestyle. As an on-the-go blogger, I often rely on my smartphone to finish the rest of my daily jobs, even if it means controlling my workload while inside a moving bus.

Here’s some of the productivity features of iOS 9 that you’ll love:

Split screen – Yes, you can now have two apps on the screen at once. Multitasking can now be a lot easier, especially when it involves opening a browser while making notes on the side. The default screen size is set at 50/50. They also included the same features for YouTube where you can access your main page and other apps while you watch a video on a smaller screen side-by-side.

Shortcut bar on the keyboard – Finally, Apple addressed this pressing concern. No need to click any buttons just to cut, paste, copy, attach, or click a photo – they have now added shortcut icons for these functions on the upper part of the keyboard.

Hey Siri – Do you need Siri to be more responsive? The company upgraded their voice command to enable it to recognize your voice when you say the command “Hey Siri.” No need to click any buttons for Siri to be activated, the handset will recognize your voice and will automatically activate Siri.

Android Migration Assistant – Are you a previous Android handset user migrating to an iPhone? Apple included the Android migration assistant feature to help you move all your previous data from your old smartphone to your new one. It can transfer contacts, music files, email accounts, web history and a lot more.

Improvements on Mail app – The Mail application gets a facelift with additional functions on its sleeves. Now, users can access and send any type of attachment, even those files sitting in your iCloud or other cloud storage services like Dropbox. You can also save attached files to your iCloud account directly. Another new feature of the Mail app is the ability to send as many photos as you want in a single email message.

Wi-Fi Assist – This feature could well be the most loved among iPhone users. The Wi-Fi Assist feature automatically switches your connection to the strongest Internet service (either your data network or an available Wi-Fi). It can help you avoid costly mobile data charges, as it switches your Wi-Fi mode whenever an available free Internet is obtainable nearby.

Have you upgraded your iDevices to the new iOS? Share your iOS 9 experiences with us by leaving a comment below. Stay tuned to this blog for more productivity, tech, and photography tips.

This is a guest post written by Geekmania Girl.

Photo Credit: Bob Jouy