in Photos

The weather in Stockholm is finally shaping up, so I decided to bring my camera on a recent walk through the city. Let’s get started!

The walk started close to Kungsträdgården, but swiftly continued on to Skeppsholmen, a small island quite literally in the middle of the city. Right when you get on to the island after crossing a wooden bridge, you are presented with a ship called af Chapman, which is currently being used as a youth hostel.

The sun was setting, so I hasted onwards towards Södermalm, and up to an elevated path where I could see the whole north part of the city in all its sun-drenched splendor.

When the sun had set, I walked back into the city towards town hall and this beautiful bridge is lit from below, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Continuing on to town hall, I was happy to realize that the garden behind the majestic building was open for the public even during the evening. There weren’t a lot of people there at the time, which made for some interesting photos. This is the view of the archway, allowing passage into the main courtyard.

That concludes a three-hour walk which started out very warm and sunny, but ended up dark and quite chilly.