iOS is growing up

As I was recently writing something on my iPad using a Bluetooth keyboard, I realized that I am actually starting to feel right at home using it as a real computer. The tipping point was the cmd+tab app switcher, which feels like the most natural thing in the world1, and finally makes app switching effortless and almost to the point of being joyful. Continue reading

Install Windows 10 on a Mac

I just upgraded Windows on my Macbook Pro from Windows 7 to Windows 10, taking up on the free upgrade offer. What I assumed would happen, and did, was that the hardware wouldn’t be supported since Apple haven’t released the official Bootcamp drivers supporting Windows 10 yet. Continue reading

The future of (iOS) gaming

Extending the functionality of the iPad using external hardware has been done for a long time, and the most popular addon is probably a real bluetooth keyboard. By adding this piece of hardware, the iPad is immediately transformed from a simple entertainment device to a real productivity tool ((The iPad is arguably an excellent productivity tools sans keyboard. It does however heighten the use of the many writing tools currently available.)).

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Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface

If you are going to read one review of Microsoft Surface 2, make it this one by Lukas Mathis who is a long-time Mac user.

Another difference between the Surface and an iPad is the Surface’s split screen mode. iPad owners often note that the iPad’s «one app owns the screen» system is a good idea, since people can’t multitask anyway. But that ignores that people often need multiple apps to work on a single task. I can’t count the instances where I’ve used split screen mode just in the last few days. I’m in a meeting, taking notes in OneNote while looking at last week’s meeting notes. I’m responding to an email while looking at a spec. I’m making a drawing while looking at a reference. I’m changing a mockup based on feedback in an email. I’m taking notes during a Skype call.

This is definitely one of my main issues with the iPad as well. Not being able to research something while writing at the same time is a big pain. Pasting the research content into the writing app is a poor way of solving the problem.

What I would like to see is something like what Microsoft have done with Surface, but with an Apple twist. Something in the lines of having a main app which runs in normal iPad mode, and the ability to run a second app in 1/4 of the space in landscape mode. The twist being that the secondary app has to be a multi-platform app, and when bringing it up in secondary mode, its iPhone user interface is shown.

This could fit quite nicely and would be a terrific asset, and I can imagine a lot of use cases where this would be a fantastic way of getting things done.

The problem with Metro might not be that it’s performing badly at its intended function. The problem might simply be that, unlike me, most people don’t want to use their tablets for productivity. They’d rather keep using their old Windows PC for that, and also have an iPad for watching movies and playing games.

This is a valid and fair point. Having the ability to distinctly separate devices for work and play can definitely bring peace of mind and the ability to focus better ((Don’t add your work email to your iPad if you only use it for personal tasks and entertainment though.)).

I personally prefer using the iPad for as many things as possible ((I do recommend turning off notifications if you plan on using the iPad for work and personal tasks.)), including reading, answering email and using productivity tools such as OmniFocus and the calendar. When in serious “work mode” though, nothing beats the MacBook Air.

Apple releases iOS 7.0.6 fixing a serious SSL/TLS vulnerability

Information regarding the vulnerability is currently terribly scarce, but judging by the information in the Apple KB, it sounds very serious indeed and would allow man-in-the-middle attacks on SSL/TLS connections.

The problem was apparently found by Roland Moriz when trying to use curl on Mac OS, where it failed to identify a simple Common Name mismatch. (email proof)

What this means in reality is that someone who sits between you and a target site, such as your bank or Facebook, would be able to listen in on your traffic and potentially modify information as it is being sent to the server.

Alleged iPhone 6 Prototype Depicted in New Images

While I’m usually not the one frolicking over the latest Apple rumors, but images of a possible iPhone 6 have appeared online, and boy does it look sweet!

The bezel is all but gone on the sides and sports a slightly larger screen than the older phones.

Steve Jobs Unveils Mac at Boston Computer Society, Unseen Since 1984

A few days ago, Apple celebrated the 30 year anniversary of the Macintosh. To celebrate, here is a keynote from 1984 featuring Steve Jobs presenting the first ever Macintosh to the Boston Computer Society.

You get to see Steve when Steve became the Steve Jobs. Seeing him smiling up there is the way a lot of us would like to remember him.