The future of (iOS) gaming

Extending the functionality of the iPad using external hardware has been done for a long time, and the most popular addon is probably a real bluetooth keyboard. By adding this piece of hardware, the iPad is immediately transformed from a simple entertainment device to a real productivity tool1.

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  1. The iPad is arguably an excellent productivity tools sans keyboard. It does however heighten the use of the many writing tools currently available. 

2048 AI

The new puzzle game 2048 as I mentioned earlier, now has a fork which includes an AI and a hint button. The funny thing is that the AI failed to complete the puzzle when I tried using it.

I can see an algorithm war coming and each contender writes their own algorithm, with an end goal of finishing the game with the highest score possible.


The most addictive game so far this week is without a doubt 2048 (sorry Flappy Bird), a simple web based numbers game controlled by the arrow keys. Swiping on the iPad works excellent as well, making it easier than ever to abuse play all the time.

The main goal of the game is to get a 2048 block which is done by combining blocks with the same number to form a superblock containing the sum of the smaller blocks.

There are striking similarities with the popular Threes game for iPhone, but there are subtle differences as well, making this game all the more entertaining and addictive. When moving blocks for instance, they are always moved to the edge of the screen and not just one block away.

The best part however is that this game is completely open source and available on GitHub to play with.

Not a Tomb Raider Review

A lot has happened since 1996 when the first Tomb Raider game was first released. It featured a well endowed but heavily pixelated 3DFX rendered Lara Croft and involved lots of puzzle solving, a wide range of opponents and extravagant environments.

Fast forward to 2013 and we have the all new coming of age Lara, played by Camilla Luddington, who is the voice and motion capture model. Lara is now much younger and vulnerable, not aware of her bad-ass survival abilities passed down from her father. She is on a path of self-discovery and finding the physical and psychological limits of the human mind.

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Flight Control – revisited

I recently tried out Flight Control, a game for the iPhone which puts you in charge as an air traffic controller. It is your job to route the different planes to their respective runway. With iPhone OS 3.0 came a feature for Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network), which means that the iPhone is now capable of creating ad-hoc networks with nearby phones on the fly. The new Flight Control update takes advantage of this new feature to bring multiplayer!

In multiplayer mode, two iPhones share the same air space, but are in charge of landing strips for different kind of aircraft. You then have to work together to route the planes to the correct landing strip without crashing the planes into each other. This brings a whole new dimension to this already highly addictive game, so if you haven’t downloaded it already, buy it from the App Store.

iPhone App: Flight Control

I recently bought Flight Control from the App Store, hoping to find an easy, yet challenging game. I found it.

Flight Control puts you in the air traffic controller spot, and it is your duty to route the various planes and helicopters on a safe landing route. You have to watch out for crossing trajectories, different speed air planes, and other traps which could lead to your demise.

See additional screenshots and videos on the Flight Control website.

“Lips” playlist in Spotify

To rival the Singstar empire, Lips was recently released for Xbox 360. It’s a great game and it has lots of songs. More songs can be downloaded from the Xbox Market Place.

I added all default songs to a Spotify playlist so you can listen them all. This is for the Swedish release of the game, since the songs are sure to differ depending on the intended market. Enjoy!

Spotify Lips

iPhone app: Tap Tap Revenge

It’s time for the first iPhone game to be featured here. The game is called Tap Tap Revenge and is a music game in the spirit of Guitar Hero. The graphics are great and with the recent update, the game has become far more stable and a lot faster.

The most welcome feature in the game is definitely the online play capability. In this mode, one can battle many players in three different difficulty modes. If you don’t have the song being played in the current room, it will be downloaded automatically. This works very well, as long as the song download isn’t interrupted.

You will definitely have lots of fun for hours with this game, it’s free and available in the App store! There is really no excuse for not trying this game.