S3Backup Docker container and unRAID

I use a file server software called unRAID, which supports redundant disks with parity and other great features such as Docker support and a great community which creates plugins for any service imaginable. This is where I keep my main photo library, and I want to be certain that I don’t lose my photos — ever. Continue reading

Fixing VirtualBox after the unRAID 5.0.5 upgrade

I have been experiencing some troubles with the TimeMachine backups from my Macs to my unRAID server since the release of unRAID 5.0. As it happens, 5.0.5 was released a couple of weeks ago which according to other forum users should fix the TimeMachine issues.

The upgrade was a smooth process as always. There was however an issue with the new version of VirtualBox, compiled for the kernel version of unRAID 5.0.5 – it didn’t work.

Nars on the unRAID forums has kindly built a new version of VirtualBox which works perfectly, and to replace the broken version, just complete these steps:

  1. Download the replacement package to /boot/config/plugins/virtualbox, and remove the old package which should be located in the same directory.
  2. Download the extension pack from the VirtualBox download page to the same directory as mentioned above. Rename the file to remove the build number. It should look something like this: “Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack–4.3.6.vbox-extpack”
  3. Run “/etc/rc.d/rc.virtualbox install” and you should have a fully functional VirtualBox once again.

I would expect the official build to catch up soon, but not being able to start your virtual machines for a while will surely cause serious headaches for many people.

What Hard Drive Should I Buy?

Interesting harddrive statistics from cloud backup provider Backblaze. The once infamous Hitachi “Deathstar” seems to have completely turned it around and is now the best of the three tested.

I usually tend to prefer WD drives given their impeccable history and easy RMA process, but now I at least have an option.