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There is only one way of describing the Stockholm Twestival which took place last Thursday — a thundering success!

Everything from the organization of the event to the music and speakers were just fantastic. I haven’t heard the official sum of all donations yet though, but I’m sure that it was not bad at all, considering the amount of people who actually showed up.

It was a great opportunity to see some Twitter users here in Stockholm as well. Even though Sweden is a small country, there are lots of highly talented people working in all areas from marketing, IT and other fields. It just shows that Twitter and similar tools have such a huge impact on how people have chosen to effortlessly communicate and share. It is so easy to reach lots of people, not only from particular group, but anyone who wants to listen.

Seeing how Twestival just started as a simple idea on Twitter, it was amazing to see it literally explode into such a huge global event. It really comes to show how people can get events like these things done on a global scale bringing a great number of volunteers together with just a simple social web tool like Twitter.

The only sad thing is that I forgot to bring my camera for some odd reason. I couldn’t let a thing like forgetting the camera keep me away from taking pictures though, so I had to rely on my trusty ol’ iPhone to work its magic. Sure, there are phones with exceptional cameras with lots of “megapixels”, flash and image quality. The iPhone just isn’t one of them. The images are, well, not that great to be frank. The image quality is so bad that I didn’t even bother trying to get everything lined up and think about framing, since most images will still be blurry and grainy. Anyway, here you go.



  1. Johnny, those photos don’t look half bad, almost as good as the one’s I captured of the event! You are right, it is amazing how a simple tool like Twitter, can be used to complete such an amazing global fundraising event like twestival. I hope we can continue to be involved with such things in Stockholm, in the near future!

  2. @Raiha Indeed, I hope that we can get more and more people involved with each event. I’m guessing that you have noticed an increase in followers after Twestival, so anything you say will definitely be heard by lots of people in and around Stockholm! It’s the essence of the snowball effect right there!

    If you need some help arranging anything in the future, let me know and I will definitely help out as much as I can.