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VDrift – an open source racing game

VDrift is described on their website as “an open source drift racing simulation”.

I found it okay, and the fact that it is cross-platform and there is network play will make som office coffee breaks very interesting. There are some rough edges, for instance the sound of screeching tires even on grass. I don’t know if I will keep it for a long time, but it sure will bring some fun to drive around those tracks for a while.

vdrift-drift.jpg vdrift-start.jpg vdrift-to1.jpg vdrift-to2.jpg vdrift-to3.jpg

It seems that if you try installing it from the Ubuntu repositories, only the vdrift-data package is available, and not the binaries. The best solution is probably just to grab the whole thing from getdeb.

Thanks to Tom Dryer for bringing VDrift to my attention.