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The Natural Planning Model Talk

I recently gave a talk about the natural planning model, which is part of Getting Things Done. Here are the notes and the slides.

Slide 1

  • grab pen and paper to follow along in the examples
  • going to talk about something that has helped me a lot, useful for everyone => NPM
  • provides clear head space => think creatively => fully engage with what you are doing => right thing
  • used by CEOs of F500, devs, students/teachers, sales people, stay-at-home moms, children
  • Q to ask yourself: do you always wait last minute before engaging in project? => useful approach

Slide 2

  • test drive: think about something big that’s coming towards you
    • a big speech, a new project, an event, hiring someone to fix your kitchen, project trouble finishing
  • WRITE: think about what most has your attention and write that down

Slide 3

  • brain not good remember car keys, keep track >4 things
  • does well: planning – planning machine
    • how to get here
    • what to wear
    • where to sit
  • brain: master planner => planning since 6 months old

Slide 4

  • when you wanted something you didn’t have

Slide 5

  • follow example going forward: dinner with clients to discuss a new business deal

Slide 6

  1. Purpose: reason why exist? why worth doing?
    • example: in this particular case not about satisfy hunger, socialize, celebrate – but grow your business
    • WRITE: take a moment to write a purpose for your project
  2. Vision: go to end, ideal scenario – wildly successful outcome be?
    • example: signed business deal
    • WRITE: take a moment describe what success looks like
  3. Ideas: when destination != current reality => brain generate potential useful ideas – random order, no sequence
    • example: what time should we go? is it open? when is client available? book table? alleriges?
    • WRITE: take a moment to write what comes into your mind regarding project
  4. Structure: brain structure into prios, sequences, etc automatically
    • WRITE: highlight 1-2 top important things written down
  5. Next action: very next thing move project forward? send email? make call? research web?
    • “setting meeting with client” not specific
    • example: Call restaurant X, see if open, make reservation
    • WRITE: take moment to write a next action

Slide 7

  • why do this?
  • natural model but is this how you
    • launched your product?
    • planned this offsite?
    • planned last marketing campaign?
  • Problem: natural model not necessarily the normal way

Slide 8

  • only next actions => busy going from one thing to the next => burned out => that doesn’t work (5)
  • start spreadsheets, reports => find fixes => that doesn’t work (4)
  • manager gather team: “Who’s got a good idea?” => don’t know end goal! => that doesn’t work (3)
  • bring in outside help – consultants! => ask “what are you trying to do here?” (2)
  • back to square one (1)
  • not a matter of doing natural planning, it’s when, and to what cost

Slide 9

natural planning model is part of the Getting Things Done methodology by David Allen