Change the front disc brake pads on the VFR

Changing the front brakes pads on the VFR is an easy task which should not take more than a copule of minutes.

First locate the front brakes, which should hopefully be fairly obvious. Once you are situated, remove the rubber cap and unscrew the pad pin. Be sure to catch the brake pads when you pull the pin out, or they may damage the rims. A towel or something similar beneath could be a life-saver if you happen to drop one of the pads.

Once the brake pads are removed, just remove the metal clip on the back and attach it to the new ones before installing them.

To easier set the new pads, be sure to push in the pistons without damaging them. There is not much else to it. Just remember to pump on the brake until you have pressure back.

I am not going to write about how to break in the brakes properly, since there are lots of different schools. Be sure to do this in some form however, or the pad surface may become glazed.