Replacing specialist tools with Obsidian

I have been thinking about, and experimenting with, using Obsidian vs. other specialist tools. Something that stands out is that Obsidian is the only tool where I am in full control over the storage, which of course feels warm and fuzzy. I am, on the other hand, at the mercy of the plugin developers I am relying on.

The alternatives I am experimenting with replacing are Apple Notes for meeting notes, Things for my #gtd setup including project and general reference material, Day One for journal entries and Ulysses for writing and publishing content.

The specialist tools work great and do their job very well, and this is where the crux is — they are great tools, but isolated. The allure of being able to connect everything is difficult to stop thinking about and tinkering with.

For now though, what I have moved over are meeting notes, while the rest currently remain in the experimentation stage. More on the setup will appear in a future blog post.