in Photos

I have attended the Worldwide Photowalk several years now (last year), but this is the first time during midday. Sadly, that shows quite a lot in the photos with their harsh shadows and bad contrast. It was a lot of fun however, and I’m already looking forward to the next time!

We started out right by the castle in Stockholm, and given that this was the most sunny and warm day in a long time, the were a lot of people around.

We continued though old town and to the concrete disaster that is “slussen”. It will luckily soon be demolished to make way for something better and hopefully slightly more attractive.

There is one building in this slussen area that has become an art project and now lights up everything around it. You will clearly notice the fences around it though, since the building is just about to be demolished.

Next up are some postcard style photos taken from a vantage point just on the south side of the city center, overlooking the Kungsholmen island, and city hall.

At some point the photo walk people just need to consult the map to know where we are headed, luckily we survived this ordeal.

We passed a small secluded mountain right in the city. Considering the difficulty level finding this place, there was a surprisingly good amount of people there enjoying the view.

There was a really amazing graffiti work being done at a building construction site nearby. If only all construction zones could look like this. The car was parked just opposite the construction side, blending in quite nicely.

Broken fences and shoes under a bridge, how will this end?

With locks of course. Hanging hight above the water, these locks get plenty of fresh air and sunlight. Funny thing that the red lock was hanged there this very same day. I hope Anna and Felix are happy together.

That concludes this year’s walk!