Develop WordPress plugins and themes using Docker


Developing plugins and themes for WordPress should be super easy — period. You shouldn’t have to care about installing a web server, fiddling with databases and virtual machines. It should be instantly available whenever the need exists. This is a small introduction to my setup using Docker when developing WordPress themes and plugins.

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The best PGP tutorial for Mac OS X

PGP is a popular1 way to send secure messages. It is however quite difficult to get started and to know what everything means. Since most people aren’t cryptography experts, it’s hard to get going and use it every day.

The best PGP tutorial for Mac OS X is a tutorial to change the technical hurdle required to get started, and makes encrypting and decrypting messages super simple.

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  1. I use the term “popular” loosely here, since although it’s quite popular in the tech crowd, its quirky setup and confusing usage has made it less appealing for “normal” people. 

A modern approach to contexts and perspectives in OmniFocus

Omnifocus perspectives

Ever since the book Getting Things Done was released and the notion of separating actions in projects into contexts was first introduced, people have been trying to customize, and improve the effectiveness of their definition ever since. Being an OmniFocus user for quite a while, I naturally started out with the classic contexts that David Allen himself outlined in the book, such as “at office” and “at computer”. Times have however changed considerably since the beginning of 2000 when the book was first published, and certain context stopped making sense as the years went by.

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Sin Nombre (2009)

Sin Nombre

Sin Nombre (2009) is the movie about a Honduran girl trying to migrate to the USA, and the struggles and sacrifices she has to live through during that journey. The movie also centers around members of the Mara Salvatrucha gang who are known for their violent revenge culture and the inability to escape from their reach.

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How To: Using Cloudflare with WordPress

In an effort to make this blog load fast everywhere in the world and not just in Europe where the server happens to be located, I decided give Cloudflare a try, since they offer a free service in addition to their premium offerings. There are however some not quite so obvious steps to consider when starting to use a full-site CDN, especially when using WordPress as the site engine.

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Venice, Italy 2014

The Grand Canal

I visited Venice, Italy a few weeks ago and it is an amazing city, full of life, culture and yes, water. The weather was excellent and the wine tasted divine. Substituting roads and buses for canals and vaporettos is something I could get used to on a permanent basis.

Here are some of the photos I captured during my time there. There is lots to see there, and the architecture is amazing. The only thing I regret photo-related, is taking more detail shots of all the small things that made the trip personal.

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Autumn Photowalk 2014


After the recent 500px photo walk, a lot of people thought it would be great to continue doing these walks, so a Stockholm photo walk group was started.

Fall is upon us in Sweden, and the leaves are soon starting to to turn blood red. The color transformation has just started, and these are my photos from the Autumn Walk.

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